Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sweet Treat

Have you seen these?

We tried them when they first came out this summer,
but found them to be too strong.

BUT...if you melt them just a bit and stir some water with them...

It is finger lickin' good.

And yes, Abby had a spoon, but she just preferred a fork. She also took her bib off. Notice the clean tray and minimal spillage on her shirt.

Olivia knows better than to take off her bib.

Good to the very last tiny bit. She licked it out...really.

We have tried peach and strawberry, but they do have some other flavors. This is a great substitute for ice cream.

Don't forget for every comment I get, I will donate 1 can to a local food bank.

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Missy said...

Our boys love these as well. We used to take these to daycare!

NikkiPM said...

I love those...but, they have a ton of sugar in them! I's a great fruit serving, but no more for me :(

Also, Mom and I got our free photo Christmas Cards yesterday...they are soooo cute! I can't believe they were free! And, they came with nice envelopes.

*Now put a can of food in for me!

monica said...

How cool the comment for food drive. That is cool maybe something I will so also!

Love the pictures of the girls eating the chiller things! We haven't tried those yet maybe we will!

Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

we like them too:)

Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

oh and if you freeze gogurts they think they are ice cream! and yobaby/ yokids:) now makes a organic gogurt