Friday, November 13, 2009

Purse Dump

If you have been a long time reader here, you know that from time to time I need to, in Gary's words, dump my purse. Kinda like a brain dump. There is only so much that can fit before it all needs to come out, right? I find it interesting that the link I just posted was from November of last year. So maybe it's a yearly thing??

So this is your warning, there are no cute kiddo pictures today (well, maybe just 1). Just me, puking some thoughts out.

~Does anyone ever even notice these ads? ---------------------------------------------->
I am thinking of dropping it so I can do reviews and the amazon associate thing. Does anyone actually make money on BlogHer ads? or is it just a status thing? I have done it a year now with nothing to show for it. Thoughts on this?

~I know that every mother feels like there are not enough hours in the day. I know I don't have it any rougher than any other mom, but...there just aren't enough hours in the day! I feel like I am barely treading water day to day. If I stayed busy from the moment I woke up until the moment I fell asleep, I might just get everything done. I would also kiss the feet of anyone who could somehow make the highchairs and the floor under them self cleaning. Anyone...anyone??

~I am having a hard time finding a balance between real life and blog life/on-line friends. My blog is an outlet for me. The only creative outlet I have. My online friends are my only adult interaction on a daily basis, besides my wonderful hubby. I don't have time for them, but can I mentally afford to give it up? My priority should be my family and my house, but I find them getting the short end of the stick sometimes. Am I alone in this?

~Olivia has been extremely needy lately. I think she may be teething another molar. She wants be held ALL.THE.TIME. They nap once a day now...for about an hour and a half. No, I am not even kidding. They apparently did not get the memo that says they should sleep 3 hours a day like normal children. Olivia collapses right away and sleeps good. Abby plays and plays then goes to sleep holding my hand. Their naps overlap by about 30 mins most days. Can you say crazy much? Why yes, yes I can. I can also say "CUCKOO CUCKOO" Ahem...sorry about that. They are still not sleeping through the night. Well, except when Gary tells me that he will get up all night with them so I can have a full night's rest. Oh yes, THEN they sleep all night. Little $%#@*%ers. Am I really surprised? No, they have never been good sleepers. Why should they start now?

~I really wish I could find a gym that teaches trapeze classes; like on the biggest loser this week. Anyone see that? How cool was that?! And does anyone else watch this show while eating? Is that just wrong?? I'm thinking yes. The weather is perfect to be outside and we are a little, but no where near what we should be. I think I need a new of those super smooth jogging strollers. KIDDING!...kinda. Well, not really.

~The couponing/stock piling is just not working for us. I have been doing it actively for a year now. We go over our grocery budget every time. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. There were times when I felt like it was really working, like when I got 5 bottles of BBQ sauce for .15 each. But overall? Nope. I now shop every 2 weeks and get just what we need for specific meals. Project Groceries for Less = FAIL

~My reader numbers have dropped...a lot. I know it is because my posting has been sporadic at best for the last 6 months or so. I just don't have time to sit and blog like I used to; to include long stories or thought-out posts. So, if you are still reading...thank you.

~I have a great idea about a weekly meme. I just can't bring myself to post it yet because I am afraid it will be a massive failure. I will get over it and post it next week.

~All this is nothing new...I think I go through the same complaints every once in awhile. I complain about my weight, my lack of time, and my lack of motivation to do anything about it.

Olivia thanks you for getting through all the whining

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Rebecca said...

1. What is a a weekly meme?
2. I don't notice the ads...sorry.
3. I hate clingy!!!!
4. Weight loss sucks...plain and simple.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm, I signed up for BlogHer but am on a waiting list.

You can do Amazon - it is amazing! If someone clicks on a link to Amazon from your blog, anything they end up buying is credited to you. I've made about $150 since I signed up in October. I use Adsense on my blog, but really don't understand how it works. Some days I'll make about $4, some days I'm lucky to get $0.45.