Thursday, April 10, 2008

Perinatal Appt

Blood Pressure: good
Weight Gain: 0 - 21 lbs total

Abigail: 1 lb 13 oz
Olivia: 1 lb 15 oz

Our doctor moved to a new beautiful office and it was great! We could tell a big difference in the sonogram this time. Things are getting pretty tight in there and we didn't see much. Abigail was not cooperating and didn't show her face this time at all. Plus, she was not moving like she usually does. Now Olivia on the other hand was just squirming and moving all over the place. When the tech tried to get a reading of the blood flow through her cord, she had to chase her around. Finally, she said forget it! We got a really good 3D shot of her face.

They are still head to head, but are now on their sides, not heads down, which totally throws me off. I used to think I knew when each would move; now I am not so sure. Abigail was always the mover during sonograms and she is on my left side. Olivia is our laid back one on the right side. When I lie on my left side, I feel hard almost frantic movements from Abigail. When I lie on my right side, nothing. But now I am wondering if I am feeling both of them kick when I am on my left side. Who knows?? They do move around quite a bit when Gary or Zachary talks to them. They will just kick and kick.

Now, as for me; No weight gain = a bad thing at this point. It's not serious or anything. I just need to get in those extra calories. See, the thing is - I have zero appetite. This is the one time I can have milkshakes, high fat dressing, real butter...Ugh, I just don't want it. I know I will look back at this time and yell at myself to take advantage of it! So, my goal is to drink more carnation drinks and more small snacks throughout the day. Hopefully, I will pack on those pounds. (This is the only time you will ever hear me say that :-)

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