Monday, April 28, 2008

Olivia moved!

Finally, she changed positions so that they are both once again lying up and down not side to side. It is funny to see how different the shape of my tummy is now; mostly just a big ball out front. Before it was more wide. So I am feeling more comfortable now. Plus, I can distinguish their movements again. I did not like knowing who was moving where. Abigail has her feet (I think) up by my ribs on the left side. I can feel her moving her little feet, not really kicking, but just a small movement. It is almost like she is rotating her foot around while wiggling her toes. It is always in the same exact place and it feels like a little tickle. I love feeling them move. Their movements have definitely slowed down. They are starting to run out of room, I guess.

My swelling is better today after I rested all day yesterday. I know I need to drink more water now more than ever in my 3rd Trimester. So I am off to get more water. Yum!

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