Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Irrational Fears

I am not sure if this is pregnancy hormones or what but...I am having horrible dreams about bad things happening to my family. I had a dream that our car crashed into water and I had to think about how to get everyone out. We got out but the car seats flipped upside down so the babies were in the water and I couldn't get to them.

I am also up a lot during the night around 3:00. I will lay there worrying about things happening to my son. His getting hurt when I am not around, someone taking him...A few weeks ago we had storms in our area and I was worried that something would happen to his school and I couldn't get to him because of the traffic. I think it all comes from the fact that I am huge pregnant and I can't really do much right now. I can't do the things that I am used to doing.

Like I said pregnancy hormones, but it is tiring to worry so much...

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Busted said...

I think that is normal. When I was pregnant I was always scared of something happening to me and/or DH, freaked out when he was late meeting me after work because I was sure he'd been hit by a car. I couldn't watch any movies where anything bad happened because it made me too anxious worrying about something happening to my family. I'm sure it's pregnancy related.