Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Twins...no twins...Twins!!

When we had our first sonogram, they saw two sacs

They said they don't call it twins until they see heartbeats, but...to us, it was twins! Then when we went back to see heartbeats a few weeks later, my RE couldn't see a second sac. They said my body just reabsorbed it and we now have 1 perfect heartbeat. Because of IVF, I had an internal sonogram every couple of weeks and at every one they did not see a second sac.

In December, at my regular OB appointment, I had my first external sonogram. As soon as they put the wand on my tummy...BAM!! There they were side by side.

My DH was so excited!! I was happy but more nervous because I knew how hard it was to care for 1 infant, not to mention 2. My DS was also super excited about there being 2. He knew all along there would be two because we showed him the embryos picture with 2.

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