Thursday, April 24, 2008

No more mall for me

I have gone to the mall for the last forever...sigh...I went with my mom on Tuesday to find a robe or pjs for the hospital. I just got so tired. My feet felt like they had lead in them and I am starting to get that lovely heaviness in my lower area and muscle pain. We actually had to drive to the other end of the mall instead of walking it. Plus, when I think of going with 2 baby girls and a six year old? Yeah, I am not going to be going to the mall anytime soon. But that's ok. That just means that I am getting closer to having the babies, right? Not too close, but closer. We only have 8 more weeks until our goal of 35 weeks. Whoo-hoo!!


Harris Boys said...

aww...I remember those feelings and being so swollen it hurt to walk. BTW: you look so pretty in your shower pics!!

Kristin said...

Wheelchairs! Get one at the customer service department :) They of course want you to be able to shop, so they usually have them available to borrow. Since I broke my ankle, I have been finding all these things, like motorized chairs with baskets at the grocery stores and Target. Anything to help you spend your money :)