Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our IVF Journey

After the wedding we planned on starting our family. We even joked around that since I had no trouble getting pregnant with my first, we knew that if we had trouble it was all his fault. Ha! Little did we know...

When I didn't get pregnant right away, DH got tested and his little swimmers were fine. In March 2007 after experiencing a ruptured cyst, I had a lap to remove another cyst and it was discovered that I have endometreosis with a concrete pelvis. They get that name because it is literally like someone poured cement into my pelvic cavity. It means there is severe scar tissue from my first c-section. You know how ovaries are supposed to just be floating around in there? Well mine are stuck to the walls of my uterus. Lefty is twisted and stuck to the back of my uterus and was described to me as "like someone took a shotgun to it"...nice. Everything else is stuck together as well; bladder, intestines, uterus, tubes, ovaries, etc. My ovaries are encased in the tissue so there is no way for my eggs to get from the ovaries to the tubes. If by some miracle an egg did manage to escape, the tube is also encased in the tissue so the egg cannot make its way into it. SO...IVF was our only option. Which after reading so many other stories on the Nest message boards, I tend to be thankful for. We just went straight for the big guns!

My first RE appt. was in May 2007 and they put me on BCP until my insurance started in August.

Here is a short schedule of our IVF journey:
*Started Lupron in September
*Cyst was found 10/11
*Attempt to drain cyst failed 10/12
*Cyst gone 10/17 (RE could NOT believe it was gone so fast)
*Started stims that same day
*Triggered 10/24
*Egg Retrieval 10/27 - 7 eggs were retrieved
(that darn lefty only gave us 2)
*Transferred 2 excellent embabies 11/1

*Froze 2 snowbabies 11/2
*First beta 11/9 BFP!

So pregnancy begins...

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