Sunday, April 20, 2008

Differences #5 - #6 between singletons and multiples

I hope am not coming across as jerky or whiny when I type these reasons. They are just thoughts and feelings as I go through this pregnancy.

5. Multiples tend to be born earlier
What this means to me - my babies will probably weigh 4 pounds (if I am lucky) or less. They will most likely spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because if immature lungs, inability to suck, weight issues, and other things that come with preemies. I will have to come home without them. I will probably not be able to see them right away or hold them until hours after I deliver.

6. Pre-term labor is a really likely possibility
Bedrest is what this means to me. I am hoping since my son had to be cut out of me to join this world that this will not be a problem, but the uterus can only stretch and hold so much before it cries uncle. Hopefully, I can just take it easy when I need to and carry these girls for another 8 or 9 weeks. That will take me to 35 weeks, almost full term for twins.
Something else bedrest will mean - I won't be able to take and pick up my son from school. I also pick up my neighbor's little girl and she stays with us until they get off work. If I go on bedrest before school is out, our wonderful little plan is out the window. Gary will have to take off work, precious time that we will need after the babies come. Many people have told me they will pick him up and drop him at home, but that doesn't help with my neighbor's little girl. Hopefully, we won't have to deal with that. I am praying I will be fine until the end of school.

I know all these are "what ifs". I may carry to full term with no problem and bring home 5 pound babies. Let's pray it be so...

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