Friday, December 5, 2008

Brag About Friday

We have been trying out new bath time places and things. This is our favorite; not bad on the back from bending over the tub and they love to be right there beside us.

The bumbos float, which makes this interesting to say the least, especially since Olivia is not heavy enough to hold it down for long. Plus, it wreaks havoc on the back.

So, here we are again with Brag about Friday!!
You know I feel like I haven't actually told everyone how we have been doing. It has all been surface reporting it feels like. So I am going to be honest about how things are truly going. much better!! I finally feel like the fog is gone. I am able to tend to housework, cook, catch up on organizing, everything I haven't felt like doing in the past year. Last year at this time I was still feeling so sick with "morning" sickness, I didn't feel like decorating for Christmas or doing much of anything. Plus, the shock of expecting twins had not worn off yet (has it yet??). I am starting to feel like myself again. ::sigh:: YAY!!

So here we are, at five months into the girl's life and I am having so much fun with them. Yes, there are still moments of chaos when both are fussy and needing me, but for the most part they are more independent and able to play a bit without me right beside them. I am able to shower without worrying about screaming babies. AND, we ate out with the whole family on Monday. Yep, all five of us sat down and ate a meal with both babies. They are fine when we take them out. I even feel like I could manage taking them out on my own though I haven't tried it yet.

Both girls just break into the biggest grins when they see us. They laugh and giggle and play with us and each other. They are!! And I can finally see the joy in both of them. I truly have fought with thoughts that life would never be my own again. I couldn't see the end of the struggle. Now I can.

So that is my personal brag for today. And here are the others...

Olivia loves to screech. She has figured out that she can make a really loud noise and practices all the time. She still coos in this soft little sigh kind of way that is just precious. When we smack our lips at her, she smacks back! Oh so cute!! She is so much better about her whining. It is still there but only when she is tired. She reaches to grab our faces and toys. She likes hanging out in her swing and just watching what is going on. She wants to sit up!! No laying back for her! Whenever we lift her up or down or turn her sideways she farts. Every.time. Heh, heh what a little lady. I have to rock her to sleep now (more about that later). She is wearing 3 month clothes still, but I think she will move into 6 month clothes soon. She is wearing size 2 diapers, but we ran out of them so we are putting her into size 3 along with Abby. Is that bad?? She loves to eat her cereal. Here is what she looks like when we offer it to her...

Like a little bird. She gobbles it all up. Yum, yum, yum. And then this is what she looks like when she is done...

She also loves this mesh feeder thing.

We put banana in it and they both LOVE it. They love that they can hold it themselves and bite down to get the banana. It is a huge mess when they are done but worth it for them.

She has also decided to stop sleeping through the night. She wakes up every hour to 2 hours at night. This has been going on for about a month now. I am tired, people, because as you know, she is my twin to get up with at night. And guess who is sleeping until about 3:30 every night? Yep, Miss Abby. ::sigh:: It is too much to ask that they both sleep the same schedule? It's like they have changed sleep patterns on us. And here's the deal. Now Gary is getting hours of sleep at a time. Which is fair I guess since I was in the same boat several months ago. He can function on less sleep than me though. While the fog is gone, the exhaustion is not. At least not for me.

On to sweet Abby...She has started this princess thing where she looks down her nose at us and everyone else. Oh my, so cute! I will try and get a picture of it. She loves to play on the floor mat and roll over onto her tummy, then fuss and fuss to be rolled back over. It's like she has forgotten that she can roll back over. She also loves her swing. She will just be hanging out and we will hear this thumping sound and look around to find Abby farting. These girls are so gassy!! She is wearing 6 month clothes but will be moving to 9 month clothes in January I think. Like I said, she is wearing size 3 diapers. When she eats, she keeps her little mouth closed tight. She used to be so good about eating her cereal, but now it is like she knows there is better stuff out there and it on strike or something. She does love the mesh thing too...

She can lay down when she is tired and go to sleep as long as Daddy holds her hands down. She is also reaching for toys and our faces. She doesn't cry often but when she does...LOOK OUT! Because it is serious...

I had to capture it because it happens so rarely. But her favorite thing by far to do right now is blow raspberries...

She does it all.the.time. When we try to do it back to her, she does it louder like she is trying to shows us how it's done. One time Gary wiped her mouth and she spit out a bunch of spit again to go back to blow her bubbles.

Zachary is doing so so well in school. He is reading!! He will come to a word I just know he will need help with and then he will just move right past it. This was his reaction to the Way Back When-esday post last week, you know, the one where his cute little naked self was laying on the bed.

I will include a whole lot more pictures of him when I blog about putting the tree up.

I know that I haven't put up 5 month pictures, or Thanksgiving pictures, or much of anything else this week. I will get back at it soon, promise.

Anyone else want to join in Friday Brag Day? Let me know so I can come and share your bragging!



A Mommy I am said...

I love, love, love the bath in the sink photo! Lily still takes hers there! O and the food I can so see that in her, and A with the ras face love it to cute! I have seen that Z face before :)

Cheryl Lage said...

WAYYYYY adorable! :)
How I miss the double sink bath days!

Soxy Deb said...

Eeeeeee! You know how much I look forward to pics! :)

I wanna brag on you. You kept your head about you when you thought for sure you would lose it. And you sound great! I knew you could get on track and I love that you have. Kudos Sara! Kudos to you!

S said...

You are one busy mama!

But you DESERVE to brag on yourself. You're doing a FANTASTIC job.

I just heard it said, the days are long, but the years are short.

Enjoy them. Soak it all in while you can!