Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Some of you commented about starting your own button collection for your stockings that I posted about here. I wanted to share where I get my buttons. I usually get mine at JoAnn Fabrics here in the Metroplex. I don't find many at Wal-mart or Hobby Stores. Although I did find my butterfly in the jewelry section of a craft store. It was a charm, which a lot of our "buttons" really are. You can also use pins, that is what my Buchaneer one is. The years that nothing significant happened and I could just choose whatever I wanted to tell about myself are fun. I have a hard time choosing sometimes. I am waiting for a year where I can put a book since I love to read.

The great thing about this tradition is there really is something out there for everyone. You like yellow bell peppers? There's a button... Birds in a Nest? There's a button... For really unique ones, like Zachary's microscope for this year, I go on-line. Here are the ones I found that have some great buttons or charms.

Button Queen
As Cute As A Button
The Button Drawer
M&J Triming
Timeless Charms
Bead Land
This is where the most pewter charms are found. They are mostly under a dollar and they have so so many!
Bluementhal Lansing
This one is a new one for me but it looks like it has a lot of the ones we have gotten in the past.
Also a new one but thought I would include it


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