Friday, December 12, 2008


Post #5 of today

This is an all Zachary post. He has said things I want to share and remember and done some great stuff too and I wanted to catch you up on him.

~~Abigail has started this little noise as she falls asleep. It is like she is singing herself to sleep but it sounds a little pitiful. Zachary always tells me when the girls need me even if I am sitting right there. I told him she was fine, that she was going to sleep. He replied, "But I just can't resist that sound!"

~~He lost another tooth. He actually let me try to pull it. No luck. He let it get so loose it fell out when he flicked his tongue. I understand him not wanting me to pull it out. I hated that as a kid!


(See the sideways one he is bending with his lip?)


~~He is so proud of his art easel. Gary and him go to Home Depot sometimes to their kid workshops. So much fun!

The finished product

~~He played Battleship with Gary one afternoon and I captured it.

Allie had to play too! But she just wants the box.

He helped Gary with changing the Dining room into the playroom. It has been put on hold until we get a rug, cuz this carpet thing is NOT working.

Olivia loves her brother!

His letter to Santa

He is getting so so big!!

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tbonegrl said...

way to go Zachary! I love the pic with the worker apron from home depot.