Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marathon Posting

Thursday Post #1

Get ready for a catch up (ketchup!) day of blogging. I am going to try to do some major posting today of some things that have just been sitting in my head and on my blogging shelf.

Just a few things:
~I am still working on my office. It is coming along but I want to wait until it is completely finished to post after pictures.

~We did not take 5 month pictures of the girls :-(
I just kept saying that I would do it tomorrow, and I never got to it. They are now 5 1/2 months and I don't really want to do them now. But we did get professional pictures taken around the time they were 5 months, so that is what I will use for their 5 month picture. I will be posting those today as well.

~I am still fanageling (I know that's a word, but I am sure I misspelled it) around with my blog look. See how the words on the sidebars bump right up against the border? I don't like that. I am playing around with my test blog and found another 3 column template that is ok, but it does not have the pretty brown border around it. If anyone knows a great site where I can go, let me know. I am pretty good with the Html stuff so I can modify if I need to. Well, I say I am good. I am a beginner at it still but getting better.

~I also got my laptop! Yay!!! This is what we finally decided to pool our money for. So I will be setting that up today as well so if this turns out to be the only post, well, you will know that I got all caught up in the newness that is my laptop.

I posted a Way Back When-esday yesterday and Thanksgiving pictures yesterday, so go check them out.



Harris Boys said...

ohhh I love the new header...looks so cute. I was wondering about your office...yay for progress. Looking forward to your "ketchup posts"...hehe

Soxy Deb said...

I see what you mean about the bumped up words on the border there. Overall I like it though.


Amy said...

Oh I love the christmas tree with the ornaments. Very cute. :) Looking forward to your ketchup posts. It's so easy to get behind with the Holiday Season.

rachael said...

love the new header!!!

yay for a new laptop :) i really need one!

Anonymous said...

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