Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving pictures

Finally! I know, I know! Thanksgiving pictures

At Grana and Grandad's house
(This is the house I grew up in, the only house I ever lived in before I got married at 18)

Abigail passed time by playing the piano

Olivia preferred to play X-Box with the guys

The boys playing X-Box
That's my brother Jonathan, my nephew Collin, and Zachary

Abby with her Aunt Hollie

Do you see that cup in his hand?
It's a cheap little monkey cup. My mom has a dog, a hippo, an alligator, a couple of other animals. But that monkey is the coveted cup. All my nephews still fight over this one and drink out of the others. It is strange what kids get hooked on, huh?

At Gary's Grandmother and Grandfather's House

Olivia with her Uncle Anthony

Abby with her Grandma

(notice the wet shirt of drool)

Olivia seeing a soft side of her Uncle John

Me picking the dry skin off her ear

There's that darn X-Box again

The cutest picture of Olivia
Look at that huge bib on her!



rachael said...

looks like you all had a wonderful time!

(i still haven't posted mine either...oops!)

A Mommy I am said...

love love love the winter tree!!

Soxy Deb said...

Love that header!!!
The photo of Abby with her grandma? Hilarious. Eyes buggin outta her head like she's sayin "WTH?!"

monica said...

Looks like you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I really like the header also! Very cute!

Annie said...

Great pictures, definitely everyone enjoyed the day.

By the way, I love the green background, looks so cute.