Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Sickies

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We finally took the girls to the Dr on Monday. They were just not themselves and you know how fast an ear infection can spring out of a cold.

They got weighed:
Abigail 16lbs 14oz
Olivia 14lbs 13oz

We were just telling the nurse that Abigail loves to pee, poop, spit up on, slime with spit, everything to her Daddy. Rarely to me, but it seems like he is always getting peed on by her. Just then she peed on the scale when Gary laid her down. Ha! For once she performed on cue!

Anyhoo - The pedi came in to talk about Abigail rubbing her eyes constantly to the point where she cries. Olivia waking up crying. After checking eyes, noses, throats, and ears, which she had to dig in Olivia's ear to get out wax (we are a waxy family). It was awful. She cried and cried than sniffled for a good half hour afterward. It was so pitiful! You could tell the pedi felt bad.

The diagnosis:
Abigail has allergies, poor baby, that she gets from her dad. She also had a red throat and fluid behind her eardrum. No new teething.
Olivia had an ear infection (so glad we took them in), and also a pretty red throat from all the drainage. It was kinda cute. Olivia wasn't all that fussy before we went to the dr, but as soon as we got home, she became fussy, clingy, and just more needy. It was like she said, "Oh yeah, I have all this stuff wrong and now I don't feel good.

So they are both on antibioics, allergy meds, and we are continuing the Prevacid. Abby will continue the allergy meds, but Olivia will just use them to help her get rid of all the gunk.

So needless to say we have had some fussiness going on around here this week. Olivia just wants to be held. You can tell she just doesn't feel good. She is also horse (hourse). Hopefully they will get well soon.


tbonegrl said...

I hope the medicine works quickly. Isn't it the worst when you know something's wrong? I'm always afraid to go in but then thankful when it's an undetected ear infection...

We're a waxy family too, LOL!

Following Him said...

Poor baby girlies...I can not stand that they are in pain. I have had allergies since birth...hang in there and hopefully they are feeling better.

monica said...

Get well soon little one's -- Santa is coming soon! I hope the medicine works quickly!

Linda said...

Hope the meds work quick for them and that they're doing much better!