Thursday, May 1, 2008

Perinatal Appointment - Going the Distance

Abigail - 2 lb 8 oz
Olivia - 2 lbs 13 oz

Blood Pressure - 130/74 (a little high for me but still ok)
Weight Gain - +10 - 32 lbs total (Umm...can that possibly be right??)
Inches Around - 51 (3 inches in 2 weeks)

Really, really great appointment today. Short version: Everyone's great!

We got a good look at both girl's faces, but could only get a really good 3-D one of Olivia. Abigail was kicking back at the Sonogram wand like crazy. She had the hiccups, which is great because it means she is practicing her breathing! She is lying head down with her feet up in my ribs stretched out on the left side. Olivia is in a weird position on my right side. Her head is up and her feet are also close to the top, so she is breech right now, but can easily flip. It doesn't really matter what position they are in because we will have a c-section. Olivia also has more fluid than Abigail, which is not really a sign for concern by itself, but along with my glucose test (more about this below) and them being twins, it could point toward pre-term labor. They are doing a fetal fibronectin test, which tests to see if you will potentially go into pre-term labor in the next few weeks. Both of my previous tests have come back negative so I am expecting this one to as well. Their weights are right on target, in the 50th percentile for babies at this stage. This will drop in the weeks to come because their growth will slow down. My peri predicts 5 to 6 lb babies by 36 weeks.
So they are doing great!!

I failed my glucose test, dang it! This could explain Olivia's extra fluid if I do have gestational diabetes. Now I have to go back and do a 3 hour test which totally sucks!! I can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight and I go in first thing in the morning, so it could be worse. I usually have two meals and a snack by the time I will finish the test so I am sure I will be starving. the weight gain thing. Can that be right?? It is a new scale, so it could be wrong. On the other hand I do have my appetite back. Plus, 3 inches growth in 2 weeks! Holy Cow! So I am thinking...growth spurt all around.

She also checked my cervix and it is long and closed up tight. She predicts because of Z's birth and the way I am going that I can "go the distance". Which means I will probably make it 36 or 37 weeks! Whoo-hoo!! Such good news! Of course, she can't predict 100%, but I believe it!!

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Adriane said...

Delurking to say hi. I've been reading along for a week or so. Sounds like you had a great appointment!!

Sorry about the GTT. I haven't done the 3 hour one - just the 1 hour. I have heard of many that fail the 1 hr, but pass the 3 hr. So, hopefully that will be you!

That's great that you should go to 36 or 37 weeks!

Scott said...

I am really glad everything is going well. Sorry about failing your glucose test. Maybe you should study harder before re-taking the test? July 2nd is a good date and a great month! We are very excited for you all. - Scott & Family (Soon to be the Smith's in Roanoke)