Saturday, June 21, 2008

36 weeks

Excuse the no makeup again, but I figure it probably only bothers me, so. This is my last belly pic before Wednesday. I'll probably take 1 more the day of just to get the maximum volume my body has become.

And since it is my last belly pic, I figured I should just go ahead and include a bare belly one. I will not subject you to a front one, because it is just too much, but this is not so bad right? Now you can see why I begged my dr to get on with it!

So I feel great today! Well, beside all the usual crap, but we actually went and ate at M.ark's BBQ place. We had to eat at the bar because all they had were booths and I can't fit myself in a booth anymore. The manager said, "Somebody's about to pop!" Yes, next Wednesday...with 2!! I answered her excitedly. I love telling people there are 2 in there because then they really get all wide eyed at my belly. They even gave me a little extra meat for my 2 girls. Awww, how sweet. Z has decided he likes ribs and he kept saying, "I haven't ever tasted ribs as good as these!" I haven't felt like getting out in about a week, so it was nice to be able to get out of the house for a bit.

I got on the scale this morning just to see. I have only weighed myself at the dr's office, not at home. I have gained.....50 pounds in all!!!! I was so shocked, because that means I have gained like 10 in the last 2 weeks or so. Ok, so maybe that's why I hobble around so much. I am carrying around so many extra pounds! The funny thing is I haven't eaten very much. I just don't have the room anymore. I used to eat 2 bowls of cereal every morning. There's no way I could now. I used to get a foot long at Sub.way and eat most of it. I am good to finish a 6 inch now. So I know it is just water, fluid, baby, etc. Just look at my face!! There it all is right there.

Olivia gave me a little scare last night. She hadn't moved in awhile and I thought back to when I had last felt her and it was the night before last. So I started getting worried. She is not usually my mover, but they told me to call if there was decreased movement in the last few weeks. And now that they are almost here, I am so worried something will happen to them before now and Wednesday. So I start poking her around, moving all around, I drank a Pepsi, nothin'. I jumped on my trusty message boards and asked what I should do. The more I sat around the more worried I got. Of course, everyone said I should call if I am worried. So I poked her some more, really pushing on her, drank the rest of the Pepsi, had Z talk to her, nothin' Meanwhile Abigail is doing the jig over on her side.
This was about 30 mins after I started the whole process. So enough is enough, I won't be able to stop worrying unless I find out for sure she is ok. I was about to go wake up Gary and call. She moved, a tiny little bit, just to let me know she is still in there chilling out. Thank God! The little stinker!! I am sure it will not be the last panic induced 30 min of my life do to her, but dang! I was so exhausted after. The Pepsi did nothing to keep me awake and I slept all night (except for potty breaks every couple of hours) a rarity these days.

Another day I will post about my first panic induced time she was responsible for. This post is already a little long.

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