Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just some random things

Little miss Olivia has finally decided to listen to me and move heads down. I would tell her that she has a whole side all to herself if she would just use it. There was no need to be all up her sister's business. She moved, but she is still hanging out at the top curved around with her butt at the top and her feet on the left side. So, both of their feet are right there together. They like to fight over feet room :-) I have also felt Abby move a whole lot more lately. I used to never feel her move way down there but she is starting to get uncomfortable now, I guess. It's funny because my tummy is actually a little smaller now that she has moved. My belly button is no longer stretched all out. It is actually a little bit in now. See how I am finding my silver lining???

I go to the Peri tomorrow. I am hoping she will say it's ok to move my date up a week. My OB is ok with it if she is, so I will again plead my case with her tomorrow.

I moved to sleep in the girl's room in the middle of the night last night because I could not sleep. It is a combination of a cold (thanks, Gary!), being so uncomfortable, and just plain insomnia. As soon as I laid down in there, the girls started jumping around like crazy. More than they have in awhile. It was like they knew they were in their room. I kept rubbing them and telling them they needed to come out and see their great room.

Come on girls!! We are ready to see your beautiful faces!!

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Deb said...

Oh yeah! It sounds like they are gettin gready for their BIG DAY. They seem to be just as anxious as you are. They are already preparing you for not being allowed to sleep through the night.
Keepin an eye on ya.