Thursday, June 5, 2008

OB Appointment

Don't get your hopes up. I have no weights for the girls, and no new news.

They don't take weight measurements every week at this stage because mommys like me tend to get anxious if there is a loss of weight or no gain at this point, which would be normal. I hear that, but I was so disappointed. I really wanted to know if they are close to 5 pounds. They peeked at the girl's fluid levels (all are good) and then hooked me up to the heartbeat and contraction monitoring, which, in my expert opinion, was a complete waste of time. I had no contractions, I only have them in the afternoons and evenings. Plus, Abigail was so far down and hiding behind my severe edema place on my tummy that she couldn't get a reading on her. WASTE OF TIME!!

I had my nurse take a fundal height measurement just for giggles and I am measuring 47 weeks! Holy huge, Batman! She tried to tell me that the measurement she took was 33 weeks., you don't measure 47cm at 33 weeks. I even tried to explain it and she said, "Well, you are measuring bigger because you are carrying twins" No, sh!t, Sherlock. Why is it that OB nurses are so ignorant of twin pregnancies? I mean, I even knew more than she did. She went to put the measurement in the computer and there wasn't a choice of 47cm. Surprise, surprise it only went to 42 and why?? Because when you are pregnant, drs only let you go to 42 weeks. She was shocked that it didn't go that high. Geez!!

Can you tell I am a little miffed today? :-)

My OB was in a hurry because there was a lady who was in labor with twins and he had to leave. I know if I was the lady who was in labor, I would appreciate him hurrying, but I wasn't. I was the lady who wanted to discuss how soon this party is getting started!

He said to continue with bed rest (dang it!). He also said he doesn't see me going all the way to July (whoo-hoo!). He went on to say that carrying twins to 34 weeks was great and they will be fine if they come on now. Well, then why the hell am I on bed rest?? I mean, if they would truly be ok then why can't I just continue on until I go into labor??

He also said how great I looked, blah, blah, blah. Next week I am going to wear an old shirt and sweats with no makeup and dragging my feet. Maybe then he will quit saying how great I look and send me to L&D.

OK, rant over for now.


david santos said...

Very good posting, Sara, very good!
Happy day

Juicy said...

ha ha ha! I hope they do get the hint, but I mostly hope you really do wear the sweats and stuff, show 'em you want those girls out! :)

Good luck getting the show on the road...

(here from NCLM)

Deb said...

Do wear the sweats - and post that pic. Get as hagged out as you can, see what happens.

And since you have so much time what with the bedrest and all:

You have been TAGGED. I was tagged my VABlondie and decided to pass the torch to you. If you have already had this tag I apologize, not quite myself these days.