Thursday, June 12, 2008

OB Appointment

Abigail - 5lbs 11oz
Olivia - 5lbs 14oz

Weight - -3 39 lbs in all gained
Blood Pressure - great
Inches Around - 54"

Yes, people, that is over 11 lbs of baby I am carrying around. My OB said we are looking at 7 1/2 lbs each by July 2. He took a long time with us today. He listened as I pleaded my case to deliver earlier, but in the end the fact is, it doesn't matter how much the babies weigh, it only matters about lung development. He is very reluctant to move it up even a week. He said we would see what the specialist says on Monday, but if it is up to him, nope. Unless I want to do an amnio the week of to make sure of their lung development. Ummm, let me take a few hundreds of a second to think about that...NO!! Not just no, but heeellllll no! I would carry until August before I have an amnio this late in pregnancy or anytime for that matter. He checked my cervix and it is hard as a rock. He said I could carry on this pregnancy forever. Gee, thanks.

He was very sweet and told me that he can't imagine how uncomfortable I am. I really want him to do my surgery and he said he really wanted to do my surgery too. He also said that I was one of his favorite patients. Then he said, "and I don't say that to everyone!" I was doing pretty well to hold in my emotions until that point. You know how when someone is all nice to you, it makes you tear up if you are already emotional.

So, here we are. I have resigned myself to going all the way to July 2. I am still to be on bed rest. The facts are my body does not do normal things during labor time. I never actually went into labor with Z. My OB checked my cervix and whoops! a couple of hours later my water broke. I never had more than a few contractions before they started me on Pitocin. So, I don't go into labor. Even if I am carrying around 12-13 pounds of baby.

I know my posts have been downers lately do to that fact that I am freaking miserable!! Ahem...but I will try to do better. I need to just accept the fact that these babies will come when they are ready and not a moment before. There is a plan in place that is higher than me. I just have to remember that :-)


Nit said...

Hola from NCLM :)

Congrats on your twins! And, yes, that is a lot of baby. I can imagine that being on bedrest is driving you nuts, but just think...after they are here, you will probably pay to be able to sleep!!!

Take care & good luck :)

~Jess said...

Congratulations and good luck! It sounds like your girls will come when they're ready to.

Here via NCLM

My name is Andy. said...

Hang in there for the final countdown!

Deb said...

Baby girl your doing great! Don't feel bad for felling bad - it's all good. Whine, bitch and complain if you want - I will still listen!
Excellent weight on them there babies too! Everything looks sooo good. YAY!
Floors are coming right along! I hope the pics look good enought o post-'cept the ones with the hubby's belly. He aint gonna let those get posted :)

Kim said...

Hang in there! Every day in is less chance or NICU stay! July 2 is so close! NCLM