Thursday, January 8, 2009

All About Abigail

Abigail Suzanne
6 1/2 months old
17 lbs 13 ozs -- 75th percentile
26 in tall -- 70th percentile
42 1/2 head circumference -- 50th percentile

Oh, my sweet sweet Abby Girl, my Abby Dabby Doo, my Abby Sue. This child is a true delight. She is the happiest little thing! When I walk into the room, she just positively lights up. I swear she says, "Hi!" or something like it. She smiles and squeals and just wiggles her whole little body when she sees us.

She is a cuddler. She just folds herself into me and tightens her whole body like she is giving me a hug without squeezing. She loves kisses and will give us open mouthed ones right back (yummy). She is so soft and squishy that I could just cuddle her close all day long.

She loves loves music. And she dances when I hold her and sing. It is the cutest thing ever. It takes her a little bit to get started but she gets her groove going with her head going back and forth and her body just follows along. I have got to get it on video to share with you.

One night she trying to get my attention by making a noise at me over and over. When I finally looked over at her she jumped up and down and just grinned at me. She babbled on and on as she rocked the exersaucer back and forth.

She is definitely Daddy's girl, no doubt about that. She only eats for him and mostly wants him to put her to sleep at night. Which she fights tooth and nail on. She fights and jerks and cries, she so does not want to go to sleep. When she does finally give into it, she just lays there in our arms with her eyes closed and talks and babbles and sings until she goes to sleep. She is hard to get to sleep but then more often then not, this little angel sleeps through the night. Lucky Daddy.

She has so many facial expressions. In the course of a minute, she will look a dozen different ways. Her queen look is one of my favorites, where she looks down her nose at us.

She loves to chew on her hands and tags. She loves tags! Which is so funny to me because Zachary gagged when he touched tags. He had to have me cut every tag off of every animal, pillow, everything he could get away with. But this is about Abby, right? Tags are her friend.

She found her feet about a month ago

And she is just about sitting up on her own

She loves to eat play with her sister.

She is really tired of laying back. She tries to flip out of the bouncer and succeeded once.

Separation Anxiety has set in a little bit.

She will sit like this a lot with her hand up by her head.

She will flip over to her to her tummy right away when you put her on her back, but then she fusses and fusses. It is like she has forgotten that she can roll the other way.

She loves to play Peek a Boo and just belly laughs at Zachary when he plays with her.

Me and my sweet Abby Girl


Annie said...

I love the post of the girls. So sweet. Wow, they grow too fast.

Rachael said...

this is so sweet! can i come cuddle her?

monica said...

So sweet! You describe her so perfectly that I want to come and play with her! Very cute! Happy 1/2 year birthday!

Linda said... describe them so well. She seems like miss personality. Daddy's girl already!

Soxy Deb said...

Love it! I wanna squish her too. Can't wait to read about Olivia!