Sunday, January 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, we tried out two new recipes last week. 1st, the Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken. From this point on this dish will be known as Teriyaki Ranch Chicken because it in no way reminded any of us of a cheeseburger. I doubled the sauce and used more chicken because I had a feeling we would need the leftovers.
Me: OMG!! Run, do not walk, and get these ingredients today! This is what is for dinner, people! It was so so very good. Gary and I fought over the leftovers and I won this time. Hee hee!
Gary: "It was wonderful...I can't believe you ate my leftovers." (Hee hee) He liked it so much that we are having it again tonight. Yep, it is just that good.
Zachary: "It was pretty good" complete with head tilt and nodding.

2nd was the Chicken Packets I followed the recipe this first time, but I will add more chicken next time because it was a little too cream cheesy. Well, I take that back. I actually did not put chives in and put Ranch in instead for a little flavor.
Me: LOVED them. I had these leftovers too. Yummy yummy! We will def be having this one again.
Gary: "They were pretty good"
Zachary: "They were ok." (not as great a response with this one.)

So here is this week:
Monday: Teriyaki Ranch Chicken, pasta, and sugar snap peas
Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner - My new recipe for the week - Breakfast Casserole
We didn't get to have it last Friday. I sent Gary out for Sonic because the girls were super fussy and I had had a long day.
Wednesday: Pizza and salad
Thursday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies
Friday: Barbeque chicken over baked potatoes

Have a great one! I have a video of Olivia saying Mama that I will try and upload later today.

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Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

I think I will try the Teriyaki Ranch Chicken. That sounds super good.