Thursday, January 15, 2009

Think Thin Thursday

The Not-So-Blog

I SO did not want to post this today since I have gained about 4 pounds over the holidays. But it could be worse right? And I have to keep this up! It is one of my resolutions.

A fresh start today. From here on out I will post how many pounds lost or gained. I have joined a Moms of Multiples weight loss blog. So I am really hoping that will help me stay accountable.

That's it. Wish me luck this week.

Update: Yeah, I forgot my goal for this next week: To lose 1 pound. That's it!! Just 1.


monica said...

Good Luck this week!

Rachael said...

good luck this week! the holidays brought me a few pounds as well...

Missy said...

Sara, I know what you mean - losing weight is one of my resolutions! Good luck! Let me know if you have any tips. Oh, what is the Moms of Multiples weight loss link? I would love to sign up too

Cindy said...

Good luck for the week!!

What's that twin weight loss blog? I might need to join that!!

Leslie said...

I gained weight over the holidays too and wiped out half of my weight loss that took me 5 months! So today on my lunch break I asked the lady for a "little bit of salad dressing" for my greek salad (they normally dowse it with yummmmmmmmy dressing), AND I got the roasted veggie sandwich. I'm going to try to stay stong 2 night at my nephews B-day party :-O