Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching Up

We all got it, people. Both parents down with sickness along with 3 kids is no good! Thank God it was only an 18 hour thing. Everyone is better except Little Miss Olivia. She is tugging at her ear so we are heading to the Dr. today. We haven't seen our pedi since Christmas Eve, so we are due for a visit. ;-)

Zachary is headed off to Disney World today with his Daddy, complete with his new snaggle-toothedness.

I am getting my Menu together, plus a lot of other catch up posts. I have a lot to say about the cuteness that abounds but I have to tell you about the highchair and who like to paint with peas!

You guessed correct! It is Olivia who loves to get her peas on...all over her.

And I have to share these pictures! This was the first time we tried it with them. Olivia of course was all into it.

And Abby is looking at us like we have lost our minds
"You want to do what with this green stuff??"

And this is what she looks like every time we feed her

Lips locked tight. Look at that little clenched chin! And she will not eat for me, only Gary. Little Stinker!! If Gary can manage to get a few bites into her, to prove that it is something she likes, she will finally open up and she does like the peas.

And the after pictures:
Olivia is in food heaven
and Abby's expression can just be described as painful since we put her hands in it.

Poor Abby. I think she may be our super fussy little girly girl that does NOT like to get dirty.

Well, there you have a small taste of the cuteness that has been happening around here. Be back later with my menu. It will be filled with new recipes since Zachary will be gone and we can try out some new things while he is gone.

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monica said...

Oh the peas...how fun. It is so amazing how differnt Olivia and Abby are all ready in life. Zachary and all his loose teeth...so funny!!

Cheryl Lage said...

They are TOOOO pea-recious! ;)
Love all the high chair pictures.

Happy Happy New Year!

Rachael said...

oh my, what sweet peas they are :) glad everyone is feeling better, i hope Olivia's era heals soon! and wish Zachary a safe and fun trip to Disney form us!

Souza Sisters said...

Very cute!! Glad everyone is on the mend... Safe trip for Zachary!!

Heather said...

Oh, too cute!!! Great pics! Also love your 3 separate column template. How do you do that, if you don't mind me asking?

Erin said...

The babies are so so SO cute with all the peas!

Soxy Deb said...

Love it! Abby does NOT think y'all are funny. At all - too much.

I hope Z has a great time in Disney (which I'm sure he will)


Annie said...

So cute. I like the painting with peas,hahaha.

Linda said...

I'm catching up too...on everyone's blogs. Hope everyone is finally WELL over there. We're working on it too. Love the pea pics!!