Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We've been a little busy :-)

Ice has fallen here in Texas, in the form of sleet.

The funny thing is, everyone FREAKS OUT((!!!) over 1/4 inch of ice on the roads. Schools close, offices close, roads close; which is fine and dandy with me because that means we get a weekend in the middle of the week. Everyone hunkered down the past few days eating soup, enjoying our fire in the fireplace, and playing Lego Batman.

I have always had this insatiable urge to finish! Well, not everything; laundry, cleaning, dishes, that project I started 2 months ago, yeah, not those things. But books, movies, puzzles, games, and yes, even Lego Batman. We got this magazine about the game because it is Zach's new favorite thing. He even wants his room to made over in it. So it has a walkthrough in it where they walk you through (hence the name, right?) each level of the game telling you hints, tricks, and ways to get all the bonus stuff. Well, we have had this game since before Christmas and he has gotten a lot of the bonus stuff, but needed a few more things that were sprinkled through 15 levels. As I sat down to help him play through a couple, I could feel it welling within me...that! So we did only to have much disappointment in the "bonus level".

This is why I have to read ahead in books. I have the ending at my fingertips; to know how everything turns out, right there. I also tend to skip ahead a few pages and come back and read through that section, then skip ahead a few more hundred pages or so, then read back again. And it is perfectly normal to me. Drives Gary crazy!! (Which I secretly love :-) Now with books I am serious about, I would NEVER do this with like Harry Potter, The Twilight Series, and others. But then I have the problem of having to finish them!! I get nothing done as I race to finish it. to play Lego Star Wars (hee hee)


Souza Sisters said...

I just finished the Twilight series. I LOVED it!! Don't you wish Edward were real?? We are getting about a foot of snow right now... I hate winter... Hope you didn't have to go out in the ice!!

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

Oh, be careful on that ice! We have about 4 inches of snow. No ice, thank heavens.

Cheryl Lage said...

We've had sleet spits and ice drools but no snow. Waaaaaah.
Seven year olds should have snow.
I'm just sayin'! ;)

Soxy Deb said...

Oh I am so not like that. Not with video games or books. Especially not video games. I end up getting pissed off at them before too long and give up. But books, while I don't ever read ahead, I do have the I.can' problem. Eh, what're ya gonna do?