Thursday, January 8, 2009

All About Olivia

Olivia Ann
6 1/2 months old
15 lbs 5 oz -- 45th percentile
25 1/4 in tall (short) -- 25th percentile
41 1/2 cm head circum -- 25th percentile

My beautiful Livvy Girl, my Livvy Divvy Doo, my Livvy Lou. This child's beautiful face takes my breathe away as least once a day. And it is not just because she looks like me either :-). Sometimes I just can't believe she came from me. She has the biggest smile that lights up her face. And she said, "MAMA" !!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes, she did. I tell myself she doesn't really know what she said, however, she only says it when she is upset and wants me, so....I say she knows. And I am who matters cuz I am the MAMA!!

She loves loves to cuddle with her dolls and blankets and me. Anything soft is in her hands and she is feeling it and touching it. Tags are also her friend. She also is into giving open mouthed kisses. (Double Yummy!) Around 6:45, she lets us know that she is ready for bed. When we go upstairs she puts her head on her blanket on my shoulder. We rock for just a bit before she drops off to sleep. She goes in and out of sleep until about 11:30 then she sleeps until 3:30 then until about 5:30 then until 7:30. I am not sure what to do about helping her sleep through the night.

She has rolled over both ways but really doesn't care to practice it at all. She is fine with just laying there playing with the things hanging from her gym. She is sitting up really well in her inner tube ( Thank you Sarah!! ).

She has definitely found her voice. She screams when she wants something. Screeches and screams have replaced the soft noises she was famous for. They are still there but not very often. She is babbling all the time as she is playing.

She also has a range of looks and expressions, but we are the only ones who see it. You want to see what everyone sees when they see Olivia?

Lovely isn't it? My brother finally got a smile from her, he had to work for it. It is almost like she is saying,"I have not said you could speak to me, mere mortal." She does give this to us but very rarely. I think she just gets freaked out a little by all the people around.

Separation Anxiety has set in for her big time

She loves to eat play with her sister.

She is also tired of laying back in the bouncer. She digs her elbows into me, the chair, the swing, anything so she does not have to lay down.

She is super duper high maintenance. She knows what she wants and she wants us to hold her She has a very short attention span. She has to be changed to another activity after about 5 mins. She is also teething two more bottom teeth. We were so surprised because usually the top ones are next but not with her. She has had an ear infection off and on since Thanksgiving, so needless to say she has been a little needy.

And she is the best at being so pitiful. She just gets broken hearted
when we don't do what she wants. Poor little thing.

And you have seen what Olivia can do to a container (not jars anymore, WTH??) of baby food. Well, this little girl thinks she is big. So big that she does not want her bottle anymore. On a fluke I tried this:

Yeah, she drank the whole thing. So now she drinks her milk from a sippy cup except for her nighttime bottles. It is so funny to me how this tiny thing wants her food and a cup and her sister would drink her bottle exclusively.

Me and my Livvy Lou

P.S. Stay tuned for an All About Zachary Post.


Rachael said...

i am loving that she reminds me so much of little miss ella :) who, despite being high maintenance, is so much fun!

monica said...

She sounds like a lot of fun! She is really growing up fast. Very cute! She is very pretty...her skin tone is gorgious!

SaraBelle said...

Aw - so cute! I love the individual posts -- such a great idea! :)

Linda said...

I love that you did this. It's nice to 'get to know them'. She is really growing up! She's drinking from a cup already!!!!

Soxy Deb said...

Oh the smile! Just the smile... *sigh

Ron and Aimee said...

Awww! I love the individual posts too. I might need to do the same thing. Maybe when I get their 9-month stats. Seriously, where does the time go??? :(