Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All About Zachary

Oh my baby. My baby ya'll, is almost 7 years old. Dang! That makes me feel old. I guess I should put his stats too, huh?? He is 60 pounds and 4'2". Just about a foot under me. He will surely be taller than me sooner than I want.

He is reading. Not just "reading" like when they start off looking at the pictures to identify words, but really looking at any word and reading it. He reads things off the T.V. on signs, on papers, everything. Wow!

He wants to grow his hair out like his cousin Jordan, see below. That is Jordan in the white t-shirt, Collin in the navy and Z in the orange and navy. I say let him. Who cares? right?? Hmmm...the debate goes on at our house. His Daddy is not too crazy about it either.

This is the rocket he got for Christmas, one of his favorite gifts.

He loves his sisters. Really, he does. There has no been one drop of jealousy from him. Not even a little bit. He just talks and coos and plays with them all the time. We finally have to tell him to leave them alone if they get too stimulated. When I talked to him on the phone from Florida he said, "I can't wait to see the babies!" Thanks, I miss you too :-)

He still wants to be a weatherman only now he has added a rocker to it, so a rock and roll weatherman. Hey, it could happen. He is still very much into art, drawing, and creating. He still loves Science, and really dislikes sitting at his desk doing worksheets all day.

Gotta ham it up!

He talks. Non.stop. All the time. All.the.time, people! About anything and everything, the sky, a commercial, what so and so said at school. And the way he phrases things! You would think an adult was talking. He uses words like particular, actually, and others that neither Gary or I can think of right now. He asks questions that boggle our minds and leave us stumped at where it came from.

He is terrified of getting in trouble. I promise I never beat him! He just got my sensitive nature, I guess. He still hardly ever gets in trouble, but I can tell we will have to start nipping the attitude in the bud here lately. He still tears up quite easily, when he is sad, and when his little heart gets touched. We both cried at the end of that American Girl movie, Kit Kitrich or whatever is was called. I know it will help him out in life to have such a sensitive nature, but I really hope he only has a small portion of my overly sensitiveness. I sent him off to school this morning in tears because he thought we might get in trouble for missing school for Disney World. Oy!

This child of mine is ticklish under his chin and still pretends he doesn't want me to get tummy sugar. We have a goodnight handshake we do every night along with our kisses and hugs...and one more kiss. He still has his blanket, what's left of it, and still needs a nightlight plus the hall light on to sleep. He still cuddles when he has time in between the video games and Hot Wheels.

Me and my Zach


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh! The picture of Zachary and his little sisters and the one of him and you...SOOOOO precious!

Happy Birthday to your little rocking weatherman! (Don't know if he can have long hair as a meteorologist.... ;) )

monica said...

That is such a touching write up about Zach! Very sweet boy that you have. The story about going to school this morning in tears for missing school was touching makes me want to cry! I hope he had a great time at Disney world

Rachael said...

awww, what a sweet little guy you have! i love that picture of you and him - it is just precious!

Soxy Deb said...

Sweet! And you can tell that he loves those girls to obsession. IT's wonderful.
I can see him as a rock and roll weatherman. He can't do any worse then these fools out here now.

Linda said...

He sounds like SUCH a great boy Sara!!

Anonymous said...

Zachary got his talkitiveness (is that a word?) from HIS MOTHER.


Sara said...

Yes, mom, and I am getting paid back in spades for what I put you through.:-)