Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 Week Stats and Bath Time

A few cute pictures just to warm us up :-) friends already


We went to the dr today and while we were there Little Miss Abigail used 4 diapers during 1 diaper change. She just kept pooping and pooping. It just kept on coming like a little Play.dough factory. They had to have their little heels pricked :-( but they did great throughout the visit. Here are the stats:

6 lbs 10 oz
19.5 in
head 34 cm

6 lbs 5 oz
19.25 in - we think this is way off.
She can't possibly have grown 2 full inches in 2 weeks.
head 33cm

They are both in the 5-15 percentile in their stats, but we are excited they are on the curve at all!! Some preemies would not be, so this is great news. They will continue to gain and go up in percentile in the months to come. This is so different from Z who was always in the 90-95 percentile.

So both have gained past their birth weight which is wonderful! They are still wearing preemie clothes, but we will probably be moving them toward newborn soon, especially Abigail.

Olivia's umbilical cord fell off last night!! Yea!! Real baths!! Abigail's will be coming off in the next few days.

Here are a few pics from our sponge baths.
Olivia (on the left) does not like to be messed with AT ALL, so she was not a happy camper through her 2 minute sponge bath. She turned bright red and just cried and cried. She was mad!

Abigail did better only crying when she was cold.

Both LOVE to have their hair washed after they are bundled up in their towels. Their little eyes practically roll in to their heads in pleasure.

And of course big brother has to be right
there to help. He combed their hair afterward. He made them so pretty!

I still have to brag about how great he is doing with them. He loves on them and kisses them. He tries to make them stop crying. He even came in their room the other night after his bedtime. One of the girls was crying and he wanted to see if she was ok. He said, "Oh! I didn't know you were in here with her and I wanted to come check on her."

In other news:
I am down to 4 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight!!! Whoo-hoo! I am still not myself yet. I gained about 20 with IVF so that is my first goal: to lost that 20, then I want to be back at my regular weight of 30 more. Sigh... ok, I was excited about those 50 pounds I have lost, but dang! I don't think the next 50 will be as easy.


Harris Boys said...

awww everything seems to be going so well (minus the no sleep) I love the pic of olivia and her sponge bath...she looks pissed.

to note about olivia height...we think the hospital measured ethan wrong at his 2 week check up he was up about 2.5 inches as well. I don't think he was correct in the way he could have grown that fast.

great news about the weight loss..keep it up :)

NewsPhotoGirl said...

It's so precious when they snuggle up next to each other. My babies hate their baths too! It's great that they have a big brother who takes such great care of them.

Tina623 said...

That's great that everything is going so well :). You girls are adorable. Good job with the weight loss. I hope I lose it that quick!

Heather said...

Absolutely adorable pics of the girls! Congrats on the weight loss. You are giving me hope for when it is my turn!

Liz said...

glad things are going well. They are just precious. you'll get some sleep soon enough. Right now, just love those little girls up!