Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catching up

I know you have all been waiting for an update. Well, I have too. This is far more challenging than I thought it would be. I just flat don't have time to sit at the computer. They are both asleep right now and Z is about to leave to spend the day with his dad, so I can't be asleep right now, which is where I would be otherwise. So you get an update!! Whoo-hoo!!

Let's just start with the pure unadulterated cuteness that is my girls :-)

Look at that little Abigail face peeking out at you. So beautiful!

Olivia had two sores on her little bottom, so we aired her out for awhile.
She looks like a little froggy! And oh, so cute.

Let's start with our little Abigail, the "laid back one." Umm...yeah. Someone must have told her that because she has done nothing but try to prove that wrong. She now wakes up every two hours at night and wakes up starving. She starts crying from the moment her little eyes open until you get that bottle into her sweet little mouth. She cries to be changed the moment a tiny bit of poop comes out, but is she finished?? Nope, she has to continue to "go" while we frantically wipe it up as it comes out. So much fun!! But when she looks at you with those huge eyes...sigh. It all just melts away. She can also be laid down while she is still awake and she will go to sleep on her own.

Now for little miss Olivia. Our diva is still the little diva, but she is pretty patient compared to her sister. When she wants her bottle, it's like she says, "Um, excuse me please. Can I have my bottle, please?" Then if it takes too long, it gets increasingly more demanding. She hates to be messed with, though. Diaper changes have her screaming at times. One day her outfit was on wrong but she was fast asleep on Grana. She didn't care at all, but as soon as she tried to fix it, look out! Her favorite place to sleep is right next to me (See picture to the right). Sigh...which doesn't give me a lot of rest time at night, but gosh, just look at her.

They were sitting so nice and quietly. Olivia was even drifting off on her
sister's shoulder when all of a sudden...

Abigail started trying to snuggle up and tell secrets . Olivia was NOT happy to have lost her comfy shoulder to rest on and she let everyone know it!!

So my weight loss drop has come to a screeching halt, more like it hit a wall. I have only lost 1 more pound in the last week. So I am now only 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, which is great, but what happened to losing like 3-5 pounds a day?? I am guessing that I have finally gotten rid of all the excess fluid. SO now it is work time to get those pounds off. Except here's the deal. I am still hurting. All the time. I know, I know, I just had major abdominal surgery, but it was not like this the last time. I know, I know, this was twins, I had scar tissue to carve through, I am older (if I hear that one more time...), I went back to the hospital for four days, blah, blah, blah. I want to be better already!! And I. am. exhausted. Like I take a 4 hour nap and get up and feel no better than before I lie down. My mom who is here helping me is also exhausted. We can barely keep up with everything, bottles, laundry, food...I have NO idea how I am going to do it without her in a few weeks. Gary is exhausted. He went back to work this week, but still has to hear the girls get up at night even though we are taking care of them so he can rest. The whole household is exhausted...well...except for a certain 6 year old. He has boundless energy. And that is even more exhausting. The mental patience it takes to parent a 6 year old and 2 infants is more than I have right now. And...that's all I am going to say about that.

Hopefully I will post first time bath pictures in a few days. And FWI...this has taken me an hour and a half to type. sigh...nap time


Deb said...

and though i am sure you are exhausted - it was well worth the wait! they are still as beautiful ad the last pics...

Harris Boys said...

hey sara, no need to apologize...I understand 100%...I didn't check email or anything for weeks...I slept whenever I don't sweat it.

hope your enjoying your 2 beautiful girls, they are just adorable :)

twins + 2 more = 4 girls said...

they look bigger just from the other day. they are so sweet, you should be resting and not blogging! I put up a few from the pool the other day with Z. If you need help I am just down the road.

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Such a cute little baby tush! Isn't it amazing how different they are? Are you learning to type with one hand (while holding a baby with the other)? I can't believe you are so close to your pre pregnancy weight...I've got 10 more pounds to go.

Adriane said...

Your girls are just gorgeous!! I can't even imagine how exhausting the whole thing is. I'm a bit terrified, I must admit. :-)

Hang in there and get some rest. Hope your incision stops hurting soon!!