Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell

This is my wonderful nephew Cameron. He is the only one of my 5 other nephews that wanted our girls to be girls. All the rest of them wanted boys "because we know boys!" You see, these are the first girls on both Gary's and my side of the family. He loves my girls and always wants to hold them when he visits. He sings to them and just wants so much to take care of them.

He had a special day with his mom recently and got to go to this great little place that lets you make your own project; ceramics, glass, mosaic, and lots of other fun stuff. And what did that darling do?? He made my girls a gift to hang in their room. He decorated each of their initials with pretty mosaic tiles, glass, and other wonderfulness. I will treasure these for so many reasons. It is not every day that a 9 year old will do this and I love him for it.

Just look at his proud little face.
Thank you Cameron!!
When we get a spare minute we will hang them in a special place in their room!

And yes, that is a baby under that blanket, but i covered up for the most part :-)


Wishing 4 One said...

Cameron is THE man. Tell him so, what a sweetie! You are lucky to have so many wonderful people around you! How super sweet!

Liz said...

love the letters! adorable.

BTW--time to get on scrapblog and make a new header--what's the matter got newborn twins or something?! (totally joking)

Harris Boys said...

aww that was sooo sweet...I'm sure those letters will look great in the girls room :)