Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Organizing your coupons

Now that we have cut out our coupons you will need a place to put them. You can choose any kind of small holder. I found mine at a office supply store, but I also found one in the Dollar section at Target last year. I found a few on-line that would be good as well.

Check this one out at The Container Store.
It's only $3.99.

Or these you can find at Amazon.
They are only $2.85.

Or if you want to be fancy-shmancy you can get
this one by Jokari for $3.99.

Mine is like the one from Amazon. I have it
divided by isles at the grocery store I shop at. I actually wrote down what each isle had the last time I was there so I could organize my little coupon filer. I leave 2 spaces at the front to put the coupons I am using that day and the coupons I have been given previously like CVS Extra Care Bucks or Wal-greens Register Rewards (we will get to these eventually) You can organize yours however it works for you. I have to admit I am salivating a bit over the 13 pocket one from The Container Store. I had to double up some pockets on mine and that DID NOT make this lady happy. Even if you use an envelope at first just make sure you have it every time you go shopping.

Now, about those packets you put in a safe place. I put mine into file folders by month then into a large plastic file holder. I got this one from an office supply store, but you can get them anywhere like Wal-mart or Target. If this seems a bit much for you at first, that is fine. Just stick them in a folder at the front of your file drawer, but know that if you are truly going to get serious about this, these packets will need a home. If you look at the spine on each packet in very tiny letters it has the date the packet came out. This is the date you will reference back to each week when you start looking at your list.

Note: I started in July of last year. After I took this picture I cleaned out August and September.

That's it for this little mini-lesson. How is everyone feeling? Too slow for you? Just right? Please can we just get into the nitty-gritty?? Let me know. If you have any questions feel free to email me at blueladybug77 at sbcglobal dot net until I get my other one up and running.

This week when your grocery flier comes out, sit down with it and see if any of your coupons can be used next week. We will go a little more into this next time on Sunday.

One more thing: My first giveaway!!

I have an extra 7 pocket coupon file holder. I will tell you straight up it is the $1 one I found at Target last year, but it will definitely get someone started.

Isn't it cute?
It even has labels to fit the half circle tabs. I LOVE little containers like these but I am ready to part with it for the sake of you, my readers. Enough already, just tell me how we can win, right?

~Leave a comment in this post
If you are not a regular follower, leave your email addy so I can get a hold of you when you win.
~Blog about the giveaway and get an extra entry.
Be sure to leave a second comment and tell me you blogged about it.

I will either use random.org or I will have Zachary pull a number from a hat. I post the winner on Sunday morning, so you have until then to post a comment or blog.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm feeling a bit dumb right now:) Why are you keeping and organizing the rest of the coupon fliers in a large tub? I'm really trying to learn the are of Couponing, so I'm going to take all of the advice you can hand out! Which store do you usually shop at? I've always gone to Walmart since they price match, and it's just been easier for me. *sigh* I'm feeling overwhelmed... Cute give-away!!


Sara said...

It is overwhelming at first. And don't feel dumb at all! :-) There will be a time when you will consult a master list of all the deals that week including which coupons to use. It will reference them by date so to have them organized this way is good. I usually shop at Albertson's because they double and triple coupons. There will be a website that has a Wal-mart list for you, though. Hang in there because it is worth it.

Good questions. This is an extra entry for you ;-)

Cheryl Lage said...

Sara, I am in awe of you. Abject awe.

You impressed me with the menus, and now this? You ROCK!

(and please, enter me!)

Mrs. G said...

Uh...WOW! I never realized couponing was such an intricate art! I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed, but then I read some more and now I'm intrigued. You have awakened my inner organizer. I've never couponed before, but I think I'm going to try now.