Friday, February 6, 2009

Think Thin Thursday,er Friday

The Not-So-Blog

I have so so many posts to catch up on. I have been in a slight bloggy funkaty, funk, funk, funk. But hopefully I am better.

I did not think I did well this week. I stayed away from cokes, but not sugar, so I did not lose any weight this week. I didn't gain any either so that is great. I also stayed away from the Wii which means I did not meet my goal. Oops.

Next week's goal: lose at least 1 pound.

Stay tuned for a huge update on the girls and some other posts as well.


Heather said...

Way to go for not gaining! I've been in a blog funk this week too. Can't wait to see what your girls are up to!

monica said...

Thats great on not gaining. The whole maintain thing is just as important as losing!

Can't wait to see updated pictures/stories of the girls!

Rachael said...

i hope you can climb out from under the funk...i think winter weather is weighing heavily on all of us!