Thursday, February 26, 2009

Think Thin Thursdays

I have maintained my weight over these past two weeks, so I still need to loose 17 pounds to reach my goal by April. Ummm... may have to adjust that...maybe...a little.

My goal this next week is to loose 1 pound.

I have satisfied my ice cream craving with Skinny Cow drumsticks. Yummy! I am looking for things to substitute for the unhealthy things in my life. Now if I could only love my coffee without sugar and vanilla creamer ::sigh::

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NikkiPM said...

Ya know.....since I am a diabetic....I have to totally satisfy my sweet tooth with SUGAR FREE stuff.....but! next time you are craving sweety stuff.....try the no sugar added, low fat Blue Bunny ice creams....they are great! Plus, you can even find sugar free, no fat chocolate syrup to put on top. Sugar is what alot of times will keep weight on you.
*P.S.....Haagen Daaz sells tiny cups of coffee flavored ice cream at $1 a mom and Baillee love them!