Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update on the kiddos

Olivia and Abigail have been oh so busy lately. They have been rolling like crazy all over the place and all over each other.

Abby has Olivia's pjs in her mouth

They have started to be aware of each other. They chatter on and on and
sometimes it seems like they talk to each other.

They are the best buds

Who else is best buds??

When Zach comes home from school, Abby just waves her arms like crazy
and jumps in my arms. She is so excited to see him.

Oh, the tags, the tags, how they love you.
They hit the mother load here.

This is also a favorite toy. It vibrates when they bite down on it.

Abby loves to pull hair; Olivia's, Zachary's, and mine. Ouch! She doesn't mean to hurt but poor Oliva. When she gets close enough she will just grab a handful.

Blueberries are a must-have these days.
Abby LOVES when I mix them with bananas.
It is a wonder she can poop at all with all the bananas this girl puts away.

Bath time is still fun time around here. We are putting them in the
big tub more and more. They love to splash and play.

My cute little mummies all wrapped up after their baths.
(They can't both smile big in one picture, can they?
Nope, they have to have their own picture.)

"What?? I didn't do it!"

Livy loves that finger.


Rachael said...

what a fun update on everyone!

Soxy Deb said...

Adorable pictures Sara! And thankfully it appears that everyone is bug and illness free. For the time being anyway - lol.

Annie said...

Amazing update. The girls are growing too fast.

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Sara,they are such little darlings. I just want to nibble on all those sweet little cheeks!

Dollbabies. :)

NikkiPM said...

I like the MUMMY BABIES! When I did rotations in the nursery, my friend and I would wrap up the newborns and call them "Burrito Babies".....then, my friend would make the famous little fin on top of their heads.....

Linda said...

Love the best buds pics and the little ones wrapped up after the bath!