Friday, February 13, 2009

Resolution check-up

Ok, So I thought I would do a quick check-up on my resolutions at a month, (ok a month and a half) out.

1. Be a better blog reader:
~Ooo...not good, not good at all. I am reading, I can't stay away from my favs. But I don't comment because I am usually flying through them at the end of the day. I need to step this one up. More comments, coming up!!

2. Getting the house in functioning order:
~I am doing better about this. I am cooking a lot more and staying somewhat on top of things. Again, a lot better but still need to work on this. In May we will be debt free, Whoo-hoo!! So I get to start putting some money aside to do my improvements to the house. Yay!!

3. Be more conscience of my spending.
~I have done really well with this I think. I have thought about bigger purchases and then planned them out. I try to look for sales on clothes and use a coupon whenever I can. I have not just thrown money away on nothing stuff. Yep, I have def been better in this area.

4. Be better about taking care of myself and my body.
~I have cut out sodas, sweet tea, and cut down on my sugar intake. I have started eating more fruit and veggies and being more consciousness about the fat grams and calories that are going into my body. I wish I could say that I have been more active, but it just isn't so. And I am ok with that right now. I am down 6 pounds of the weight I gained back from the holidays plus add the 1 pound from this week and I am on my way. Yay me! I have been getting back to my skin care routine and I have gotten out of the house with friends several times. I got a great tip from a good friend Linda. She knows of a salon near me that uses a certain type of haircutting technique that works with my style of hair, you know, frizzy, unmanagable, really horrible to work with hair. I have done a little research and I am so going to go for it. I am so so excited about it. The only thing is it is a tad pricey so I will have to plan for it :-) Thanks Linda!!!

5. Playing more educational games with the girls
~Ummm...I make my own baby food. Does that count??

6. Keep my inbox under 100
~Oh i was doing so so well at this until a few weeks ago when we started getting mass emails about our friend Brook and her girls. I could barely wade through them all and since then I have struggled. It sat at 247 for 2 weeks before I got it back under 100. It sits at 46 right now. Back on track I go.

All in all, ok I think. It is good to check up on things every once in awhile. I hope to do this every month. We shall see. How are your resolutions going??


Cheryl Lage said...

I think you are doing great to even HAVE resolutions! :)

That email inbox DOES get daunting, as does getting backed up on checking (and commenting) on fave blogs. (Sorry I've been derelict!)

Have a GREAT weekend! (and cut yourself some slack!)

Annie said...

You are doing a great job, just keep doing it.

Happy Valentine's Day and great weekend!!!!

Rachael said...

resolutions, what resolutions?


great job on yours!