Monday, February 23, 2009

Tweaking away at the blog

Isn't it pretty??

Too bad it can't stay. ::sigh::

Things will have to change if I am going to be a part of BlogHer ads, which will be coming this week. I am working on fixing a header to be smaller and hopefully it will still have the look I am going for. Bear with me because I am playing around with the spacing and such.

What looks good on my PC doesn't on my laptop which has a wider screen. I may just break down and pay someone to make me a header and layout. We'll see. Meanwhile, enjoy this. I have to admit I missed my tree up there with the spring flowers and I am glad it is back for a bit.


A Mommy I am said...

love it so cute love the new photos

Annie said...

Lovely header. I like it very much.

Have a great week.

monica said...

I like the new pictures in the header!!! Can't wait to see the finihed product.

DrewG said...

The blog looks great. I just clicked over from Postcards From the Edge. You left some great comments about her review there. If you are interested in a fun review or contest of your own email me anytime.

Rachael said...

have fun tweaking... i have spent so many hours doing just that :)_