Sunday, May 11, 2008

30 week picture

And look!! A different shirt!
I know it is still a shade of pink, but at least it is a different shirt.

Clothing Crisis Averted:
It was looking pretty dire there for a little bit, but I went to a Motherhood Maternity that actually has a decent plus size section. I got some shorts and some shirts that are not just frumpy T-shirts and they can grow with me, so I am set for the remainder of the time. I even found a couple of nice shirts that I can wear with my knit shorts and can pass for a nice outfit to wear to church. Now I just have to find some shoes to stuff my marshmallow feet in. Crocs are ok for church, right??

I wish I had fashion business sense because I could totally get rich. There is a gold mine of opportunity for someone to scoop up. Maternity Clothes for MOMs (Mothers of Multiples). We desperately need someone to save us during that last trimester. Regular shirts with extra big room in the tummy are hard to find!! In this day of triplets, quads, and more MOMs need more variety. So someone, go make a fortune!!

And last but not least: My swollen feet. I had to take a picture. Weak stomachs avert your eyes.

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Harris Boys said...

you poor thing...I had swollen feet too. Happy Mother's day :) Hope you had a graet day and congrats for making it to 30 weeks...awesome milestone!