Friday, May 2, 2008

OB appointment - We have a date!

July 2nd!! He gave me a choice of that or June 30th. Since the 30th is my b-day, I went with the 2nd. He said by waiting until this date, it gives my babies the best chance in actually being able to come home with me. He also said we will have to monitor very closely those last few weeks so I will not into labor on my own. So, July the 2nd at the very latest is when these two darlings will be here. It is so great to have a date to actually get to. That's only 2 months away!

Let me pause by saying, "I love my OB!" He is a red-headed-with-freckles Jamaican and has this great accent. I know it is hard to picture, but he is wonderful! The scale was right after all, plus according to their scale, I gained 2 pounds since yesterday. Did he say a word about it? Nope! Well, other than "dang girl!" but no chastising, no "you need to cut back" nothing. The girls were moving around too much to get a good Doppler read on their heartbeats, but since I saw them yesterday and they are obviously moving around, I wasn't worried too much about that. When they kick the Doppler it make a huge noise and it is funny to see the nurses face as she tries to avoid that noise, but still get their readings. Nope, they were having none of it.

Z has started telling the girls good-bye in the morning when I drop him off at school. He'll say "Bye Abigail" to one side of my tummy and switch to the other side to say good-bye to Olivia. Then he'll rub his hands on both sides. I may have met my match as far his favorite person on earth. Soon his attention will shift to them and away from me. Gary and I already know where we stand. Every night when he prays, he says, "I am thankful for Ally ( the cat), the babies, Mama, and Gary." So we know the pecking order in our house :-)

One more thing, my RE (Fertility Specialist) shares an office with my OB and I see my nurses that helped me through IVF every time I go in and we chit-chat. Today as I was sitting there getting my blood work done for the 3 hour glucose testing, I realized I was sitting in the same chair I sat in back in October when I was going through IVF. That day the nurse told me that because of a sudden cyst on my ovary we were going to have to push back when we could start the next step of the process. IVF is such a delicate time table that any delay could mean starting completely over with the next cycle. And when you are in the middle of your infertility journey with hormones, shots, exams on a daily basis, any delay is heartbreaking. I remembered sitting there crying and my wonderful nurse holding my hand and telling me that it would be ok, that we would have a baby in the right time. (It turned out that the cyst went away and we were able to move forward as planned) As I sat there today with 2 beautiful baby girls snug inside me, remembering, it almost brought tears to my eyes. Talk about coming full circle, you know. I just have to take a moment and say a prayer of thanks that God has blessed us with these two miracle babies. How precious they are and how precious that I got a moment of reflection that prompted me to be thankful and grateful for where I am in my life right now.


Harris Boys said...

we share a birthday...mine is june 30th too...too funny and what a great day!! july will be here before you know it...two months from today...WOW. haha about the pecking order...too cute!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Debbie said...

I LOVE the names you picked out! They are so beautiful:) Reading what you said about the whole IVF process brought a tear to my eye... It's so stressful... But so worth it when you are holding your babies in your arms!! Just think 2 months from now you will have your precious babies with you...

Debbie (Nestie Disney102399)