Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lack of 32 week belly pic

Well, as you can see; there is no 32 belly week picture. Z came down with a fever on Saturday and it turned out to be Strep Throat, so no dinner date for me. Which meant no dressing up, which meant no make-up, which means no new pic for this week. A little vain? Yes, I believe so. I hope to get one up in the next few days.

My parents came over yesterday to help us clean out the garage. We got these shelves that hang from the ceiling and they are stuffed full of stuff, plus several shelves along the walls. A lot of the stuff is my teaching supplies from when I taught Kindergarten. Even though I know it will be at least 5 years before I go back to it, it kills me to get rid of any of my stuff I have accumulated. I ended up giving about a third of my books to Z's new school library, plus I will sell a lot of my containers and storage supplies that I just don't have room for. I will say this though, other than my school stuff, I have been in this get-rid-of-it phase since last summer. I am a total pack rat, plus I am sentimental. Put those two together and you have a lot of crap. So I last summer I went through Z's baby stuff, my baby stuff, my high school and college stuff, my "stuff I might use one day", and my Donald Duck collection from high school and college and got rid of a TON of it. Yesterday I got rid of even more so I am down to 1 small tub of my baby clothes and toys I want to keep, 1 small tub of Z's baby clothes, and 1 small tub of high school memory crap. This is from about 10 tubs, so be proud of me! Now if I can only get Gary to be just as ruthless with HIS stuff.

My dad hasn't seen me in a few weeks and when he saw me this is how the conversation went...

Dad: Oh my...goodness
Me: I know
My 12 year old nephew: (shaking his head) Holy Toledo
Mom: I told you she was huge!
(Thanks mom)
Me: Z, do you think I am huge? (teasing him)
Z: Yep!
Gary: I think she's beautiful
(Aww...thanks for lying, honey)
Z: ...and big!!
Me: sigh


starsgoblue said...

LOL on the conversation about your belly. Reading this reminds me that I have a garage full of stuff that needs to be sorted through and donated...sigh!

Wishing 4 One said...

Too cute! All your pics are GREAT. I SO hope I too can call myself a mother of twins or at least one in a few days. Thanks for your kind words on my blog!!! Love the girls room by the way AWESOME!!!

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Too funny about the converstation. Especially your son's comments:)

I know what you mean about the pictures. I refuse to put any bad ones of me on my blog. So when people tell me I look great I just think "Oh if you only knew!"

seriously? said...

Hi, I am here by way of NaComLeavMo. Congrats on your twin girls.

Best of Luck.