Friday, May 9, 2008

"How are you feeling?"

Do you want the polite answer or the real thing?

How I am feeling...hmmm. First I am going to give you the nice, no complaining answer. For being 30 weeks pregnant with twins, I am doing great! I have no pre-term labor signs, no bedrest, blood pressure is good, swelling is normal twins stuff. Most women are on bedrest by now and really concerned about their babies coming any time. I feel very blessed to be worry free at this point.

OK, now stop reading if you don't want to hear ramblings of an emotional pregnant woman.

In, not so much. At first I was super excited to have a date, an end is in sight, right? Then I started thinking and adding all those days up. They told me at the first that the goal was 35 weeks. which would be around the middle of June. Aww...June babies, it's not so blistering hot yet, Z will be out of school for a few weeks to help him and me get prepared, yes,
good, June is going to be lovely!! Then the reality of July 2nd came crashing in. A whole freaking month to get through after Z is out for the summer. When you have been thinking it would be a few short weeks away all of a sudden adding just 2 weeks to it would bring even the strongest of pregnant women to their knees in tears. Don't get me wrong, I want these girls to be the healthiest they possibly can be, and I will suffer through another whole month if it would mean they are the healthiest possible. Believe me, I remind myself of this on a daily basis. It is the only thing getting me through right now.

There is a point in pregnancy when you are uncomfortable doing everything. It doesn't matter what position you are in; sitting, laying down, walking, lounging, you are just plain uncomfortable. This happened to me when I was about 38 weeks along with Z and my 39th week was miserable. Pretty common right? Well...I am there now. And I have 2 months to go, well, 7 weeks and 5 days, but who's counting ? ME!!
So here goes a list of physical complaints that I am experiencing.

~My feet are huge. I mean F
red Flinstone, jiggling when I walk huge. I can only wear one pair of black and red men's Crocs that go so well with everything. Yes, that was sarcasm. Even Z has told me in a really sympathetic voice how swollen they are and how when I walk down the stairs they creak extra loud. Aww...thanks honey.

~My belly button hurts is starting to stretch and be painful. I have had my skin itch like crazy when it is stretching but now it is just plain hurts. I had laparoscopic surgery through my belly button last Spring and that scar is starting to stretch. Yikes!!

~I have major swelling in the skin of my lower tummy. It is hard and painful to the touch. Because of this I can only wear knit pants or shorts. I can't wear the cute maternity shorts with the panel. Which leads me to...

Will I be naked the last 2 months of pregnancy?
Tomorrow I will continue with my rambling complaints :-)

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