Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perspective on Police Officers

I came across this video while reading another infertility blog. It touched my heart and helped me to understand what so many go through with infertility. If you have anyone who is experiencing infertility, watch it. It will open your eyes a little to the thoughts and emotions they are dealing with.

My mom has been driving 45 miles one way every Tuesday and Thursday for the past several months to help me get everything organized and ready for babies. Wow!! And with these gas prices what they are!!!! I am so grateful to her.
I found myself pregnant with twins and desperately needing my house to be decorated. We have lived here almost 3 years and did I do anything when I wasn't pregnant?? Nooo...I was planning a wedding, then dealing with our infertility. I really wanted everything to be done when the babies arrived, because I know I will get next to nothing done when they are here. :-)

For the first couple of months we decorated. We painted, made curtains, bought knick knacks, and put it all together. We finished the dining room, the kitchen, and the girl's room. I had already done Z's room. I really need to post pictures because I am quite proud of us. We also organized the kitchen, the garage, and the scary hall closet that goes under the stairs. She also picks up around the house and helps me fold clothes and such when she is here.

But...she won't be here for the next 2 weeks. For this reason alone I cannot have these babies in the next 2 weeks.

She is at the trial for a Dallas police officer that was shot and killed last Spring. One of her best friends is the officer's mom. We have been friends with this family since grade school. He was my first kiss (not many people know that). It was on a dare so it wasn't like we were dating or anything, still, he was my first. Last year when he was killed, I was recovering from my lap surgery so I could not go to the funeral, but what an outpouring of love came from the other police officers and the community. This past year has obviously been super hard on the family and we are hoping that with the trial over with, there will be some closure.

The trial is...well...a trial.
When Mark was shot, the bullet caught the edge of his badge and exploded. A piece of it lodged in his neck and hit an artery. His fellow officers dragged him away from the car and into a police cruiser and sped toward the hospital. They tried to stop the bleeding, but as you well know, when an artery is hit, unless you are at the hospital, there is very little you can do. If the bullet was just an inch off, it would have hit his bullet-proof vest and maybe knocked the wind out of him, but because of a fluke, an inch, this man died at the hands of a criminal who should never have been on the streets. Yesterday she sat there with her friend while they watched the police video of him getting shot over and over as the defense attorney attempts to sway the jury into sympathizing with this man who shot a Police Officer. Are you freaking kidding me??

They also have to sit nice and quietly while this same dumb ass, ahem I mean, attorney talks about how this Police Officer who DEFENDS OUR CITY somehow rushed up to the car and in doing that deserved to be shot. Oh, and this was after this Officer and many others chased this guy down and finally caught him. He ran because he had warrants out for his arrest.

They advised the family not to show any emotion during the trial. They sit nice and still just a few feet away from the man who still gets to breathe in and out, who still gets to eat, who still gets to talk to his mother, who still gets to feel the sun on his face, who still gets to brush his teeth. Can you imagine how hard that is to do? You know she just wants to jump over there and rip his throat out. Violent, yes. I know that's what I would do if someone did that to my baby.

Think about them today. Pray for strength so they can sit and listen to the crap this guy dishes out.

But also, pray for the Police Officers out there who try and protect us from the bad guys. Join me in sending a little prayer up whenever I see an officer who has pulled someone over. They are more than just the guys who catch us speeding or running that red (yellow) light. I pray for their safety. I also say a little prayer of gratitude for them standing in that danger zone so we can be a little safer.


Jennifer said...

I can't wait for you to post pics of all the decorating!

starsgoblue said...

Wow. First of all...congrats on your soon to be born twins. How marvelous! That was so sad about that police officer. I don't think I could sit through something like that and not show any emotion.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Souza Sisters said...

Thank you for sharing that video about IF. I am sitting here crying thinking about all me and my DH have been through... I wish I could of shown that to my friends and family when we were going through treatments...
I am really sorry about your friend who was shot... That is just awful. I can't imagine sitting there watching that trial... He and his family are all in my prayers...

Debbie (Nestie Disney102399)