Friday, May 9, 2008

Surprise Sonogram Today

Abigail - 3lbs 3 oz
Olivia - 3lbs 6 oz

I had some issues and called my OB nurse. She told me to come on in. Immediately my heart dropped and tears came to my eyes because as uncomfortable as I am, these babies are not ready to come out!

Everything is fine. It turns out it is severe edema that has spread. He told me to cut down (even more) on my salt intake, put my feet up, and push water to help with the swelling. He spent a lot of time listening to the babies' heart beats. He had me turn this way and that way. I started to get worried, but he said that he just wanted to get right on top of them and not get an echo. He ordered a sonogram, which worried me even more, but he assured me that everything is fine. He just wanted to get a good reading of their heartbeats.

The girl's are fine and the sonogram went well. They have grown like crazy!! In one week Abigail gained 13 oz and Olivia gained 9 oz!! No wonder I am getting uncomfortable.

So all is well...

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Busted said...

Wow! They are really big. I'm glad that everything was mostly ok at the OB.