Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day thanks to my wonderful husband and son. Gary set his alarm to get up early. This was after a night of sneezing fit after sneezing fit. Allergies have hit our house in full force. He got up to go to the store to get breakfast before I woke up. We are usually at church on Sundays but since I don't have anything to wear, it has become our day to sleep in. He made all my favorites; bacon, fruit, yogurt, and croissants. He got me pink roses for the table. So sweet!! He knows I am into pink right now :-)

OK, on the the presents, but first some back history: Several years ago when I was divorced, my mom started me a charm bracelet. Every Mother's Day, she takes Z to choose a new one. The initial idea behind this was for Zachary to choose something that he liked so that it would grow through his stages with him. The first year was a train because he was so into his Thomas the Train. The second year, he was really into John Deere and my mom thought he would choose that one, but as soon as he saw the ladybug he knew I would like it and could not be talked out of it. Last year, my mom and I tried to explain that these were his charms to choose to go on my bracelet. Nope! Mama was a girl and she needed girly things on it, not boy things. He could not be persuaded. So he picked out the sign language hand that says I love you. We sign that to each other all the time.

My bracelet before this year's are added:

This year he wanted to get me the set that has a key that fits inside the heart. He wanted to wear one and he wanted me to wear the other. Aww...my sweet boy!! But he saw this key and liked it better. We call it the key to his heart. Gary got me the peas in a pod one from the girls. I was so excited to find one. I love the whole 2 peas in a pod thing for twins.

Another great twins find!!
But first a little history, again: I started collecting the Willow Tree family when Z was born, but then the whole husband and wife with baby no longer fit, so my mom got me this one to represent me with Zachary. I treasure it.

So, when I passed these in a window on Mother's Day I couldn't pass them up. It is so perfect!! The mother with her son is separate from the two babies. I have been hoping that Willow Tree would come out with a twins one and they did!! Yay!! Z says Gary is at work :-)

And finally, I had to share this. Z made it in school. He was very irritated that his teacher did not help him with my age. So funny!! He says it is actually supposed to be 16, because 16 is SO old, right? My favorite food is shrimp (not really, but shhh) and he loves me because "she is pretty" I think that is a pretty decent likeness of me, don't you? I used to be a Kindergarten teacher and I would have my class do things like this for Mother's Day. I never knew how treasured they would be until I got one. It makes me all tingly inside.

Happy Mother's Day!!


NewsPhotoGirl said...

What a sweet Mother's Day. Your son is so cute. I love the stories behind your charms.

Harris Boys said...

I love the willow tree collection too and just bought myself the 'two together' one. I love it.

I got a little teary eyes reading the card your son wrote for you, I can't wait for moments like that!!!

Debbie said...

What great Mother's day gifts!! Your son sounds like a little sweeite:) My mom got me the twin Willow Tree right after Xmas... I love it:)

Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

love the twins!