Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Update

Happy Friday everyone! First some cuteness!

We tried them out in their new toys. You think they might still be a little small for them??

Abby in her Jumperoo
Look how tiny she is! She can't even reach her arms out of it.

Look at the baffled look on her face.
"Ummm mom? What am I supposed to be doing here again??

And Olivia in the Johnny Jump-up
She didn't last very long in this at all!!

Things just keep getting better. The little ladies are sleeping well during the day in hour long snatches. And at night? Weellll...Olivia is sleeping one 6 hour stretch then a 3 hour stretch. Abigail is sleeping a 3 hour stretch then maybe a 2 hour one, then if we are lucky, in hour stretches for the rest of the night. We leave her unswaddled during the night now. We think she actually does better when she flails her arms around during the night. We are also letting her sleep on a boppy. And don't even give us a hard time. It's what works, 'kay? They have really switched roles. Abigail used to be the one you could lay down and her go right to sleep with her binky in her mouth. Now, she doesn't really want a whole lot to do with the binky and actually gags when you try to put it in her mouth, poor thing. And going down by herself is just not happening. Now Olivia on the other hand, will lay down on her own now with her binky. She used to be the one that had to have a bottle in her mouth to sleep. They are high maintenance in their own ways.

I have talked about them cooing, but Abigail has really started talking all of a sudden this week. Just kicking and waving her arms as she makes all these wonderful noises at me. She just talks and talks! She talks a whole lot more than Olivia does but she doesn't smile as much as Olivia does. Funny how different they are but going through the same stages.

It's fun to have two to compare side by side. Olivia smiled first, but Abiagil is talking first. Olivia can hold herself upright better, but she still has a startle reflex. Abigail will tolerate tummy time so much better than Oliva. Like I said, it's fun to see them both go through these stages but at different paces with their own personalities.

We have followed the dr's advice and are giving them each an oz of juice in the morning and at night. We call it shut up juice, because as soon as the juice hits their lips, they are instantly quiet. They just work their little tongues around it in their mouths trying to figure out what the heck it is. Olivia especially pushes her tongue way out. We give it to them in a dropper because I am terrified they will get used to it in a bottle and not want their milk. I know, I am probably just paranoid, but whatever.

The BIGGEST NEWS!! They smiled at each other this week!! I was so thrilled!! They just looked at each other and then both just broke out into smiles. Such Fun!!

Hmmm...let's see...what else is happening in our little world. I will be guest posting at Postcards from the Edge on Sunday. So drop by and comment the heck out of my post please visit me while I am there.

Personally, I have been struggling. I am not going to go on and on about my emotional state, but let's just say hormones are still evening out. Will they ever even out?? Ummm...maybe not . So I am looking into going back on my medication that I was on before I got pregnant. This is a huge failure in my eyes. I mean, I should be fine now right? I have a great husband, a great son, two beautiful girls that I can stay home with, a gorgeous house, wonderful friends and family...I have everything I could possible want? So why am I still fighting depression? It may be that it is a hormonal thing, but I don't think so. I think it is probably just me. Ugh! I know it is fine to take a pill if I need it to not be a witch have a balanced well-being. I just need to accept that this is me and move on. So I am...moving on...right now... Really, I am. ::sigh::

What does make me smile??


and this

and Gary, my wonderful honey :-)



Deb said...

Hey!!! Guess what??!! Those same pictures made me smile. :)

The Wilsons said...

My boys are still too little for their jumperoo and exersaucer too. I keep hearing other moms say how their little ones love it...what's up with my 6 month olds??

Linda said...

Glad to hear the babies are doing better and better. Too cute in the jumperoo! Don't be so hard on yourself about depression. Your hormones are still settling down and taking care of infant twins is HARD and the sleep deprivation can really affect your mood. Better days are coming mama!