Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ahhh, a corner

as in...We've turned one. I can't tell you how wonderful the past 6 days have been. It happened overnight literally. Last Thursday night an angel from above came in and touched my little girls and made them regular babies. That is the only explanation. Gary helped a friend move last Friday so his wife came and sat with me during "the witching hour" of fussiness. We sat and stared at each other while Olivia snoozed in her bed down for the night and Abigail sat quietly in her lap. And imagine my embarrassment when I had Gary come home from helping them the next day so he could help me with the babies, again during that horrible few hours they scream. They slept all evening, woke up, drank a bottle, fussed a little and laid down for the night. ::Sigh:: I am grateful but...

I am not saying that every night has been peaches and cream, but there are no more scream fests with no calming them down. They cry, I bounce and jiggle and they go to sleep. Wow! So this is what normal twins are like. My friend Sarah came over last week and she was like, "Oh, ok, so this is what you've been talking about." And she has 6 year old twins so she knows how it is. But she says her twins where not like that. Of course not! I was blessed, yes I mean blessed, with two high maintenance girlies.

And yes, I started this blog on Wednesday and I am just now getting back to it. I am down to 1 post a week. Ugh!! So I am going to go ahead and post this as is and follow up with how the week has gone and then follow that up with a Friday update. Whew!!



Harris Boys said...

aw that's great sara. I'm so happy for you...hope the trend continues!!

Linda said...

That is FANTASTIC to hear! It makes a world of difference. Yay!!!!!