Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School Woes Part 3

So I actually took him this morning because Olivia wasn't feeling well and so Gary stayed home to help me. I don't know if it helped or not, but he started crying again. He was ok, then he looked back and saw me still standing there talking to his teacher (dumb! I should have high tailed it out of there) and started crying. We went to talk to the counselor and she had the same suggestions that many of you had.

~Put something from home in his pocket; a picture or something like that.
I think this might actually make it worse, but I am going to try it with a piece of a soft piece of fabric that could be taken for a hankie, but it is actually a part of a blanket of the girls. I cut it up to send a piece to be made into a quilt for another MOM who lost one of her twins.

~Have reward system.
I think this will work. If he goes to school everyday this week (never mind that he has to go), then on Saturday, we will go do something special just the 2 of us. Then maybe next week we can work on not crying every day.

I did go eat lunch with him yesterday with Olivia (she did great by the way!). But then when I left he cried, so again, I am not sure if I am helping or hurting.

You know, I have been there. I have been the teacher with the child who didn't want to be there or just missed his mom. I know they are fine for the most part. I know the goodbye should be quick, but dang it! That's mine that's crying now. It different when it's yours.

I am worried that this will be a year long struggle. I want him to love school and want to go and learn. I did not have a pleasant elementary experience and I so want that for him. I want him to love to read like I do.

I am starting to realize that when he was a baby I could pretty much shield him form whatever, but now...he is just out there for the world to do what it will with him. I don't like it. I guess this is just a new stage of parenting. Lordy help when it's college.



The Wilsons said...

It sounds like you have some good ideas. I really hope that something will help him and you feel better!! GL!

Laura said...

I am a middle school teacher. To ease your anxiety a little bit, I want to tell you that many of my students through the years have told me tales about their first years at school. Some screamed and clung to their moms everyday for a few weeks. Some were always wetting their pants. It all passed and became an interesting story down the road.
I am so sorry for your frustration, and I am going to make sure I keep checking back with you so I can read that final post that says, "Today he said he likes school." That will be a great day indeed.

Harris Boys said...

well I guess lunch wasn't the best idea..sorry :)

I hope this is just a short transition period and once school really takes off things will get better.

Linda said...

Vibes and hopes that he starts to enjoy school. I'm guessing after awhile he'll grow to love it. Hugs!gd

Deb said...

those are definitely good ideas sara. i think he will get better with time. it's tough for him right now though. he misses y'all so much. just be paient.