Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Visit

We went to visit Gary's Grandparents this last weekend. I got some good pictures of the girls. Grandma was cooking so I didn't get one of her with one of the girls. But I will next time :-)

Great-Grandma with Abby

Abby hanging out with Uncle John watching football
(She watched football whenever she could that day :-)

Great-Grandpa hanging out with Olivia

Abby with Papaw

Cousin Camden loved holding the girls!

When the girls would cry, he would look at them and say "Shhh, baby." Isn't he cute!!


Deb said...

Abby with PaPaw looks like she can't see the football game from there(lol). Glad you had a nice visit.

And do I see new pics in the header?? Cute!

Harris Boys said...

cute little cousin...I love seeing young kids with small babies...love what he said to them.

great pics sara!