Monday, September 22, 2008

No School Woes

Absolutely no tears this morning! Ahhh...thank you, Lord! He did want to take one of his little animals in his backpack to school with him and since that is fine with his teacher, I said sure. Whatever helps, right?

I am super super tired this morning for some reason. I slept really late yesterday since we haven't gotten up the courage to take the girls to church yet. So, I really should be semi-caught up with my sleep, but nope, I am tired. And Olivia is very clingy and fussy today. So no rest for the weary. I am holding her now and typing. Sweet Abby is snoozing away in her swing but making the sweetest little noises in her sleep. So sweet baby!



Deb said...

YAY!!! That is fantastic. I am so glad that Z is becoming acclimated to being away from you all day. It's gotta be such a load off your mind.

Squeeze the babies for me, not too hard though, they may poo.

Cheryl Lage said...

OH so happy that today went well!
Take care of yourself...hubby is VERY pooped...some kind of lethargy virus is going around. :)

Take good care!

More Than Just a Mommy said...

I am so proud of Z the girls and I have been praying for him all weekend!! I knew he could do it! Hope the rest of the week goes as well