Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Update

Wow! Is it Friday already?? The girls are 3 months old!! Holy Cow, where has the time gone?? Ok I'll quit with the multiple punctuation marks now.

Z got his new badge and pin with his first red jewel on it from Awanas. Yea!!! Way to go Z!! He got upset at his meeting this week for a little bit but since our friend Sarah was there he brightened right up. He has not cried before school since Monday so that is a huge relief that this phase is finally on the way out.

This week has been super tiring and I don't have many new pictures of the girls but I will give you a few from previous weeks.

Plus I found out how to let you guys see my collages of "baby bits" I did a few weeks ago.
Go here and here to see my collages of Olivia.
Go here and here to see my collages of Abigail.

I have no idea what was making their little eyes be huge like that.

Bath Time is fun! We got this attachment that is a sprayer to put on the faucet.
They love it!

Oh, my sweet Abby! She just talks and talks to us! We see her smile a little more every day. She did do a tiny bit better last night with the cereal in her bottle. She is still gassy as all get out. When she wakes up she grunts, farts and wiggles around. She got to lick one of my fingers after I was holding a biscuit and smacked her lips and just worked her tongue around and around waiting for some more buttery goodness. She is a drool bucket and still loves her fingers. You can hear her smacking down on them from the next room.

And Miss Olivia. She is well...getting to be a whiner. She whines whenever she doesn't see me. And then when I come back into view, she just talks and talks to me about how I was gone. She just looks at me when these eyes that say I have hung the moon. She is very much living up to her diva image she got way back when she was born and maybe adding a little bit of a drama queen to it too. She does this little noise like, "ahhh" all the time when you pick her up after she has been griping for awhile. Oh my!

I will try to take 3 month pictures tomorrow and post them in the next few days. Gary and I are going out tonight for our anniversary!! Yay!! I missed that anniversary post too which I will be making up in the next few days as well. As I said, it was a busy and tiring week. I am beginning to think this is my life! Oh yeah... it is ::sigh::



Heather said...

I can't believe your girls are already 3 months old! It seems like just yesterday when you were posting they were here! Cute pics! And happy three month bday!

Linda said...

Happy 3 months!!!!