Monday, September 22, 2008

I missed my 100th post

Dang it!! I missed it, but I will make up for it here. In accordance with bloggy tradition I will now share 100 things about myself.

1. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck
2. I was a strange shade of purple
3. Because of this I was quite dark and my grandparents thought I was a Hispanic baby when they first saw me.
4. I was 9 days late
5. I am always late wherever I go to this day
6. It is not my fault, it was ingrained in me at birth
7. I have brother who wanted to kill me when I was brought home ( he may still )
8. I had 9 children dolls growing up
9. Annie, Christina and Christopher(twins), Emily, Jeremy, Timothy, Monica, Kippy, and Amanda
10. They each had a Christmas stocking.
11. I grew up on about 85 acres of land that I was able to roam free on. It included a lake, many ponds, creeks, and streams where I learned to fish, skip rocks, and catch crawdads.
12. I had one of the best childhoods
13. I went to a private Christian School growing up
14. I liked it at the time
15. I hate it now
16. I developed an ulcer in the 3rd grade from worrying so much about not making a 100
17. I have horrible handwriting
18. I was named after my brother's kindergarten teacher
19. I moved into the public school system in the 6th grade
20. I played the French Horn
21. I was a dork
22. I had a great youth group as a teenager
23. My best friend came to live with me when we were 14
24. My family welcomed her as one of our own
25. She made some bad choices
26. We are no longer best friends
27. She keeps her son from seeing us
28. We haven't seen him since last year
29. I have 9 nephews and NO nieces
30. I have no living granparents and am really sorry about that
31. I have attended 20 funerals
32. I was married at 18
33. I thought I had the perfect marriage
34. I was wrong
35. We were married for 7 and a half years when he left
36. He left when our son was 8 months old
37. It shook me to my core
38. and made me doubt everything I knew to be true in the world
39. I got over it :-)
40. I lost 50 pounds in 2 months
41. I was a size six
42. I wish I was again
43. I developed a bit of an eating disorder when I was that small
44. I tended not to eat very much
45. I used to buy clothes just to return them
46. I was VERY addicted to shopping
47. It was my therapy
48. I have a blue ladybug tattoo on my hip
49. I got it on Valentine's day when my ex was with the other girl (I refuse to call her a woman)
50. More people have seen it than I would like
51. I have a very mild case of psoriatic arthritis.
52. I take meds and I am more tired because of it.
53. I finally have accepted the fact that I battle depression.
54. It has nothing to do with my happiness, it is a chemical imbalance
55. I also have something called pressure hives
56. Anything that applies pressure to my skin, gets swollen
57. Thats shoes, purse straps, bracelets, my arm on a arm rest, everything
58. I used to break out into hives all over my body when I was stressed
59. As soon as I stopped teaching it went away
60. I was a Kindergarten teacher for 6 years
61. and a first grade teacher for 2
62. I loved teaching Kinder!!
63. I miss it just a little
64. I started my own business last year making wooden teacher's name signs
65. I had to stop when I got too big (pregnant) to fit behind my saw.
66. I would love to start it up again (I have about 18 standing orders right now)
67. I would love to go to Venice
68. I met my BFF in the first grade
69. I don't like this position
70. I am a horrible housekeeper
71. I am a total slob
72. I wish I was neater
73. I am very organized
74. I just can't seem to put things away where they belong
75. I can follow a recipe
76. But I am not a very good cook
77. I wish I was better
78. I love love to read
79. I am a speed reader
80. I love Neil Diamond's music
81. I wish I was a better photographer
82. I love the smell of oranges
83. My favorite color is blue followed closely by pink
84. My favorite flower is a tulip
85. I love to eat Jelly Belly jelly beans
86. Spiders scare me
87. I am a pretty strong person
88. but Gary won't let me do anything to prove it
89. and that's ok
90. I have met my true life partner in him
91. I love him very very much
92. My children are the most important things to me
93. I can sing pretty well
94. I love to take long hot showers
95. I have incredibly thick hair
96. Anyone who has ever cut it has to tell me that I have enough hair for 3 people
97. I wish I had nice straight hair
98. I prefer vanilla ice cream to any other flavor
99. I have wonderful friends in real life (Hi Casee! Sarah! Farrell! Nikki! Brandi!)
100. I think I am a pretty great person most of the time

Whew! That was tough. Could you tell I was grasping at straws with some of those? Want me to expound on anything? Leave me a comment...



NikkiPM said...

Because I have now known you for (GASP!!!) 20 so were not a dork growing up! forgot to add your strange obsession with tylenol when we were in jr. high & high school.

Sara said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. What was my deal with Tylenol? Hmmm...that probably made me more of dork. And since you don't think I was, what does that make you?? :-)

NikkiPM said...

LOL! I was a huge band nerd, duh! I can even remember the tylenol issue....anytime you even had an eyelash to twinge you would sneak your secret economy size bottle of tylenol out of your bag and take, like, 8 of them.

More Than Just a Mommy said...

you could have used that you are a mom three times!!

Harris Boys said...

omg in the world did you come up with 100 things about yourself..what happens when you hit the 200th mark.

my favorite is #3...LOL

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Sara, I LOVED learning all this about you! :)

Think you should have included "I have a winning sincere smile"...although maybe that'd seem immodest, so I'll say it for you!

(Your avatar picture always makes me smile. :) )